Dig into this website

Submitted by Sammy Smith (sammy@thesga.org)

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Yes, dig into this website…like an archaeologist!

Discover its layers, its hidden treasures.

One good place to start are stories about our publications, the journal Early Georgia, our quarterly newsletter, The Profile, and a few special publications. Frontiers in the Soil is our book that gets the most attention—read about it here, then order your own copy!

To study up on Georgia archaeology, access a digital copy of one issue of Early Georgia, “Resources at Risk” by clicking here.

Probably the broadest range of topics can be found in the Weekly Ponder collection, which offers a new post every Friday morning at 5AM. Our Weekly Ponders debuted on 26 January 2009.

To learn about the SGA’s greatest mobile asset, check out the ArchaeoBus here.

For more on productively searching this website and a few usage statistics, click here.

Most important, enjoy your “excavations”!