The SGA leadership meets in Douglas

2012 Aug Board Meeting

For four hours on the afternoon of Friday, August 17th, 2012, the SGA Board and Officers met in the large classroom in Stubbs Hall on the campus of South Georgia College, in Douglas.

The SGA Board and Officers typically meet four times each year. Two meetings are in conjunction with the SGA Spring and Fall Meetings. The other two meetings are held in the summer and winter, not surprisingly.

This meeting was scheduled so attendees could stay over in Douglas and join members of SOGART, the South Georgia Archaeological Research Team, for their annual meeting. SOGART is a Chapter of the SGA. SOGART is unusual among the SGA’s Chapters for its focus on research and exchange of research information. Their annual meeting this year was called the 2012 Symposium on Southeastern Coastal Plain Archaeology.

As an organization, the SGA leadership manages the activities we’ve undertaken to attain the Society’s goals and mission. In addition, the leadership responds to emergencies and other events as they arise that are important to our organization. For these reasons, holding more than the required two meetings per year is important to the nimbleness and efficiency of the SGA.

The leadership discussed upcoming meetings and decided on a topic/focus for next year’s Archaeology Month (stay tuned to this website), funding for the ArchaeoBus, problems with getting contributions for Early Georgia and The Profile (send in your stories, articles, and ideas soon!), and many other issues of Old and New Business.

The SGA is a volunteer organization. Please join the SGA and then volunteer to help the SGA reach its goals!

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