October 6, 2012


Another CoastFest under my belt. You should have been there, Diary.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources sponsors CoastFest every year in Brunswick. They set up this massive festival right next to the beautiful marshes. Visitors enter the free festival and get to do all sorts of fun, hands-on activities about the natural and cultural environment of coastal Georgia.

ArchaeoBus Oct 6 fig1

Some of the many dozens of activity tents at CoastFest.

We had our usual spot, between the cool state parks fort people and their roaring cannons and Jim Sawgrass’ Native American tent. This year, though, my motor was humming all day to the beat of new neighbors—the African Drumming tent! On my other side, colonial cricket games kept me dodging balls. Thank goodness they didn’t break my new windshield!

ArchaeoBus Oct 6 fig2

Psst. Hey, I’m back here, behind the Native American tent!

But really, all this excitement aside, I was there to show people how fun and exciting archaeology can be, and how important it is to preserve sites! So once my handlers and many volunteers got me set up and put up our tent and all the hands-on activities, we were ready to greet the thousands of CoastFest visitors heading our way.

ArchaeoBus Oct 6 fig3

Let the games begin!

ArchaeoBus Oct 6 fig4

Everyone wants to see me!

ArchaeoBus Oct 6 fig6

Hey guys, they are only matching games…they won’t hurt you!

ArchaeoBus Oct 6 fig5 7

Standing room only!

Even cowgirls love archaeology! Until my next CoastFest rodeo, goodbye Diary!