December 12th, 2012


I did it! I made it back! I made the long journey back to beautiful Stone Mountain! Goodness gracious I forgot how big this mountain was! It is after all the largest exposed granite rock in the world. Who knows, I may get up to the top this time! I hear there is a sky lift that they can hook me up to….

ArchaeoBus on Stone Mountain night

When I was here for Archaeology Day over the summer I knew this would be a great place to spread the word about the fun and importance of ARCHAEOLOGY!! I am so excited that New South Associates invited me back to strut my archaeological stuff and educate kids and older folks all over the Stone Mountain/East Atlanta/Dekalb County area!

ArchaeoBus at New South faked

New South Associates has graciously invited me to stay with them through the summer, which is great for me. To be around so many people that are so knowledgeable and excited about archaeology as I am is fantastic! They were all so excited to see me…they really know how to make an ArchaeoBus blush.

ArchaeoBus at New South people

I’ve already met some of my new handlers, who seem as excited as I am. Diary, I can’t wait to see some of these fine folks in action helping me to teach the wonders of archaeology! Don’t take this opportunity for GRANITE! HA!

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