Frontiers in the Soil chapter challenge

Submitted by Leslie Perry

2004_poster_titleFrontiers in the Soil is a classic in archaeological literature that should be useful to everyone. First printed in 1979, Frontiers interprets Georgia’s past using accessible and humorous text by Roy S. Dickens, Jr. and creative color cartoon illustrations by James L. McKinley. The SGA recommends that avocational and professional archaeologists, students, scouts, educators, and anyone interested in Georgia’s archaeological heritage order a copy now, and begin learning about the past from two Georgians who were on the forefront of public archaeology.

A search of the catalogs for Georgia public libraries reveals that only 12.5% (or 49 of 390) of libraries have a copy of Frontiers in the Soil, and we think every library should have one! To this end, SGA is issuing a challenge to all chapters as we celebrate the 20th year of Archaeology Awareness in Georgia. The challenge is for chapters (and their members) to purchase and donate copies of Frontiers in the Soil to local libraries (if the library does not have one already). An inventory list has been prepared so that you can search your local library to see if they already have a copy, or if they need one. If you are a chapter member or a chapter group, please let VP Leslie Perry know your planned and successful contributions, so that we can keep track of progress and libraries covered. We will keep track of the donations and award a Chapter Challenge trophy to the chapter that donates the most copies by the fall 2013 meeting.

frontiers_library (600x360)

Pricing: Individual copies are $16.95 apiece for up to 10 copies; $10.20 each for 10 or more copies. Add postage and handling costs of $3 for one copy, $4 for two copies, and add 50¢ per copy for each additional copy up to ten copies, and $8.00 for 10 copies.

Download the order form for Frontiers in the Soil by clicking here.