June 12th, 2013


Last week was a whirlwind of fun, but this little bus has to keep on truckin’…or BUSIN’ in my case! My crew suited up on Wednesday, June 12th, and took a little drive around Stone Mountain, to visit the amazing kids and librarians at the Hairston Crossing Library! I met librarians Fran Weaver and Sharon Deeds, and gosh were they gracious hosts! They really showed me some southern hospitality!!!

ArchaeoBus 2013 Jun 12 01
ArchaeoBus 2013 Jun 12 02

It was a scorcher outside, but much like the famous Stone Mountain, the kids at Hairston Crossing didn’t take the opportunity to come out and learn about the wonderful world of archaeology for GRANITE! Just look at all of them!

ArchaeoBus 2013 Jun 12 03
ArchaeoBus 2013 Jun 12 04

What a fantastic time we all had at the Hairston Crossing Library. The library was just recently renovated and it looked beautiful…almost as beautiful as me!!! No wonder they had so many smart and enthusiastic children!

ArchaeoBus 2013 Jun 12 05
ArchaeoBus 2013 Jun 12 06
ArchaeoBus 2013 Jun 12 07