July 22nd, 2013


I went out on another little adventure today! I was invited out to Marietta to Harry’s Farmers Market for a Food Truck Rally! While all of the food trucks were serving up tasty eats, I was serving up some archaeoKnowledge, and, shucks, were these folks hungry!

ArchaeoBus 2013 Jul 22 01
ArchaeoBus 2013 Jul 22 02
ArchaeoBus 2013 Jul 22 03

We also got to meet some other pretty nifty people there! I was really excited to get to meet the Marietta Derby Darlins! Many of you may not know this, but I have always wanted to be a roller derby gal…ever since I was just a little archaeoCar.

ArchaeoBus 2013 Jul 22 04

We also got to meet Shantel Khleif for Operation Celebration! Operation Celebration is an effort to provide support, hope and resources for families in need in the Atlanta area. It was great to meet her and learn about the great things that they are doing, like building backpacks for an entire inner-city 6th grade class! If you would like to get in touch with the, email them at info@Operation-Celebration.org.

ArchaeoBus 2013 Jul 22 05

Thanks so much to Matt Courtoy and Harry’s Farmers Market for having me out! My New South crew and I had such a great time with all the nifty people at the Food Truck Rally!

ArchaeoBus 2013 Jul 22 06
ArchaeoBus 2013 Jul 22 07