BRAG artifact identification day set for Saturday, March 15

Blue Ridge Archaeology Guild members and archaeologist Dr. Jack T. Wynn of the University of North Georgia will examine, record, and identify your prehistoric artifact collections and discuss their function. “While we can’t appraise or speculate about the value of an object, we can certainly talk about who, what, when, where, and how. It’s a great opportunity to discuss your artifact with a professional archaeologist,” Dr Wynn said. All are invited to bring their prehistoric artifacts such as arrowheads and pottery for identification.

In addition, Brian Floyd will be demonstrating primitive technology. He is both an artifact replicator and amateur archaeologist. Mr. Floyd creates functional replicas of objects used by people from the stone age, and he will be demonstrating those skills which include: pottery, woodworking, and other tool construction. This program will include the art of “flint knapping” which is the process of taking a stone and shaping it into a useful tool like an arrowhead by striking and flaking it with another stone or a deer antler. Examples of these fascinating objects will be on display at the event.

Even if you have already identified your artifact, please bring it to show. Also, Dr. Wynn asks you to come to the event even if you don’t have an artifact or object to identify. This is a great learning opportunity for adults and children alike. The event will take place in the meeting room at the United Community Bank Building, 206 Morrison Moore Parkway, in Dahlonega, Georgia from 1:00-4:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 15th.