May 6th, 2014


I am SO excited to tell you about my March trip to Savannah. Academia and window shopping at the same time — what more could you ask for?

Well, you know I have been to Savannah several times. This time, three of my regular batch of handlers (the Abbyites) from New South chauffeured me from Stone Mountain to Savannah. And I even got to see my old handler, Veronica, who I just know missed me terribly. On this trip, I revisited Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU) AND hung out at the Savannah Mall. How cool is that?

Figure 1. The Abbyites clowning around with me. (600x450)
Figure 2. AASU Anthropology Club members direct the set-up of a new activity table. (600x450)

The AASU Anthropology Club and instructors (Barbara Bruno and Laura Seifert) asked for a command performance by yours truly. (I hear they are considering me for an honorary degree!) They gave me my old place back, right in the heart of the campus. I saw lots of old friends there and encountered many new ones. In fact, I met several entirely new classes of students. Fifty students from Godley Station Elementary School came by to try out my games and activities. They already knew a lot of things about archaeology, but I think they learned even more. Then a polite group of a dozen students from Cabrini Elementary came to see me. In between all that excitement, I interacted with two different groups of interested college students from AASU. I gotta tell you, Diary, my engine was whirling between fourth grade to college and back! After a brief lunch, eager homeschool students showed up for some fun and learning. In between, we had curious pedestrians come to see me. Wow, what an exciting day at AASU! The Anthropology Club members (several of my old friends, you know) did a jam-up job and added some new anthropology activities under the tent. (I still think I could have made a super-neat sand painting with my tires, if only they had let me…)

Figure 3. Here I am all gussied up and ready for my first visitors! (600x450)
Figure 4. Busy, busy visitors under the activities tent. (600x450)
Figure 5. Taking the archaeology challenge quiz. (600x800)

Diary, if that wasn’t enough excitement, the next day they took me to the Savannah Mall. Fittingly, I got a primo spot right next to the main mall entrance! They set up my activities in the courtyard there and I was ready for action. I don’t mind saying that mall customers were surprised and delighted to see me. They came on board and check out the activities before and after shopping. A lot of kids saw me when they went inside the mall for the art contest. I was really glad they got to have a good time with me and didn’t even have to make a purchase! Even the media came by to see me! Thanks to my friends at the mall who were very helpful. Even though I worked really hard all day, I did get to do a bit of window shopping. I was hoping to find two pairs of cute new shoes, but I couldn’t see the tire store from my perch. Oh well, maybe next time. They hardly ever have my size, anyway. Thank you AASU, Abbyites, New South Associates, and Savannah Mall for making my trip so successful. I can barely wait to visit Savannah again!

Figure 6. Hey look at me, right in front of the Savannah Mall! (600x450)
Figure 7. Shoppers stopping in at the courtyard next to the ArchaeoBus for fun learning. (600x450)
Figure 8. Local Savannah television coverage of me! Psst, hey, look up! (600x450)
Figure 9. Here I am in the background with one eye on the courtyard and the other peering through the mall windows. (600x450)