2014 lesson plan on site destruction now available

Submitted by Tammy Herron

The Society for Georgia Archaeology proudly presents this year’s lesson plan! This document offers information, instruction, pictures, discussions, activities, and suggestions for additional reading and online resources.

The theme chosen by the SGA for Georgia Archaeology Month 2014 is Site Destruction: Pieces of Our Past Lost Forever. Archaeological sites offer unique and important information about our past through not only the tangible artifacts they contain, but through clues in the soil called features. When soil on sites is disturbed, then these valuable clues are destroyed, along with the stories they contain. Sites are destroyed every day in Georgia due to a variety of factors: natural forces, human action, institutional action, and legal, regulatory procedures. The information from a site can, however, be saved by careful scientific excavation, interpretation, and report production. Artifacts recovered and notes from excavations are curated (saved forever) so they can be studied by future researchers and/or displayed in exhibits to educate the public.

We hope that the readers of this lesson plan will learn about the importance of preservation and stewardship of Georgia’s archaeological resources. Click here to access the SGA’s 2014 lesson plan and learn more about archaeology in Georgia and what you can do to protect our common heritage!