Get your copy of the 2015 Lesson Plan!

Submitted by Tammy Herron


The Society for Georgia Archaeology proudly presents the 2015 Lesson Plan. It is the eighteenth in SGA’s series of Archaeology Month-themed lesson plans, and it offers teachers and students alike lots of information, instruction, pictures, discussions, activities, and suggestions for additional reading and online resources to coincide with this year’s archaeology month theme.

The theme chosen by the SGA for Georgia Archaeology Month 2015 is Native Shores, European Waves: Contact Archaeology in Georgia.  You may have learned all about James Oglethorpe and the eighteenth English colony of Georgia in your Georgia History lessons, but did you know Georgia’s Native American inhabitants were first contacted by Spanish conquistadors and missionaries centuries before that? We hope that the readers of this lesson plan will learn about how Georgia archaeology improves our understanding of the early history of the Southeast and the significant consequences of encounters between Europeans and Native American societies.

Click here to access the SGA’s 2015 lesson plan and learn more!