2017 Symposium on the Archaeology of the Southeastern Coastal Plain

The South Georgia Archaeological Research Team (SOGART) held its annual research symposium on February 11, 2017, at South Georgia State College in Douglas, Georgia. Archaeologists from Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina convened to discuss their research and current events in Atlantic Coastal Plain archaeology. Some of the day’s topics included reconnaissance of a Confederate POW camp at Blackshear, Georgia; updates on the grand opening of the Georgia Southern University R.M. Bogan Archaeological Repository and public outreach and education efforts by GSU; a spatiotemporal regional analysis of Woodland period Swift Creek settlement; a reinterpretation of 19th century Burke County collections housed at the Smithsonian Institution; and many more!

Dr. Jared Wood speaking about the POW camp at Blackshear, Georgia

Dr. Keith Stevenson speaking about Swift Creek pottery.

Dr. Matt Compton speaking about Georgia Southern’s new archaeological repository.

Dr. Matt Williamson speaking about prehistoric parasitic infections.