Get Your Copy of the 2017 Lesson Plan

The Society for Georgia Archaeology proudly presents the 2017 Lesson Plan. It is the twentieth in SGA’s series of Archaeology Month-themed lesson plans, and it offers teachers and students alike lots of information, instruction, pictures, discussions, activities, and suggestions for additional reading and online resources to coincide with this year’s archaeology month theme.

The theme chosen by the SGA for Georgia Archaeology Month 2017 is Raised from the Depths: The Archaeology of the Civil War in Georgia.  The CSS Georgia was 1 of 5 ironclad vessels built during the Civil War and was scuttled in 1864 when Major General William T. Sherman advanced on Savannah. The CSS Georgia remained underwater until 2015 when underwater archaeologists recovered portions of the wreck. Fieldwork resumes this June and July to recover the remaining submerged portions of casemates and smaller items beneath these sections.

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