Poster Brigade Attacks 2017 Archaeology Poster Mountain

How does the Georgia Archaeology Month poster and education packet make it to the doorsteps of thousands of schools, libraries, and individuals across Georgia and other states? Only through the hard work of the Poster Brigade of The Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA). This year’s brigade consisted of six hard-working, take-no-prisoners, roll-all-posters, stick-all-labels individuals including: Rhianna Bennett, Dan Elliott, Rita Elliott, Lee Herron, Tammy Herron, and Nompumelelo Hlophe. See them in these photos, taken in the heat of poster battle. The group was aided immensely by SGA’s partnership this year with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Savannah District (Savannah, Georgia). The USACE provided the perfect facility for poster packaging and shipping. A big shout-out to USACE personnel Julie Morgan and Taylor Wimberly as well as Keisha in the mail room and her compatriot and intern David! Thank you for all your assistance in getting the 2017 Raised from the Depths: The Civil War Archaeology of Georgia poster and education packet out to thousands! What? You don’t have one of these posters? Come to the spring SGA meeting in Savannah on May 13 to get a free poster! Click here for details on the upcoming meeting.

Lee incognito as Mr. Poster Man.

Ooops! Daniel!

Tammy playing whackamole.

Nompumelelo after rolling tube number 500!

Rhianna leads the Poster Calisthenics