Get Your Copy of the 2018 Lesson Plan!

The Society for Georgia Archaeology proudly presents the 2018 Lesson Plan. It is the twenty-first in SGA’s series of Archaeology Month-themed lesson plans, and it offers teachers and students alike lots of information, instruction, pictures, discussions, activities, and suggestions for additional reading and online resources to coincide with this year’s archaeology month theme.

The theme chosen by the SGA for Georgia Archaeology Month 2018 is A Capital Idea! The Archaeology and History of Georgia’s Seats of Power.  In its history, Georgia has had five different official capitals and a number of other unofficial seats of power. Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, and our present capital, Atlanta, have served as officialcapitals at different times in our state’s history. Other locales have served as temporary seats of power or defacto capitals. Places like Frederica in the Colonial era, Ebenezer and Heard’s Fort during the Revolutionary War, and Macon during the Civil War have served as temporary or emergency seats of power. There were also unsuccessful efforts to move the capital to Hardwick, 14 miles upriver from the mouth of the Ogeechee
River, i n the Colonial era by the citizens of Macon to have that city made the official capital in the nineteenth century.

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