SGA Fall Meeting at 75th Annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC)

Preliminary Schedule for Society for Georgia Archaeology’s symposium at the

75th Annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) Meeting

In lieu of our annual Fall meeting, the Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA) will be hosting a two-part symposium at the 75th Annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) Meeting in Augusta, Georgia, on Saturday, November 17, 2018.  Between sessions there will be a brief SGA meeting. PLEASE NOTE THAT ORDER OF SPEAKERS MAY CHANGE.

Please join us for:


The Gentle Giant of Southeastern Archaeology:

Papers in Memory of R. Jerald Ledbetter


Jerald Ledbetter’s contributions to southeastern archaeology are indisputably significant. His prolific works investigated life across thousands of years and the entire region, but his lifelong commitment to Georgia archaeology is his greatest legacy. Jerald was a dedicated researcher, an earnest colleague, and an advocate for student research. Papers in this session are presented by Jerald’s colleagues and friends whose studies have been influenced by his methodologies, selfless generosity, and countless CRM reports. We remember Jerald’s achievements with a retrospective look at his contributions to southeastern archaeology, offer some of our own, and tell a few stories along the way. For paper abstracts click here



Archaeology in Action: The Latest in Georgia Archaeology

The Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA) actively supports research of Georgia’s diverse historic and prehistoric archaeological heritage. This symposium takes the place of the SGA’s fall meeting, and brings together a collection of recent archaeological research in Georgia. The papers presented will explore Georgia’s dynamic past ranging from the Middle Woodland period to the twentieth century. For paper abstracts click here

List of Speakers:

The Gentle Giant of Southeastern Archaeology: Papers in Memory of R. Jerald Ledbetter

  1. KC Jones (Organizer): Remembering the Gentle Giant: Jerald Ledbetter’s Legacy and Impact on Compliance Archaeology
  2. Mark Williams, KC Jones, and Jerald Ledbetter: Twenty Oconee Farmsteads
  3. Daniel T. Elliott: In the Trenches with Jerald
  4. Tom Gresham: A Retrospective of Jerald Ledbetter’s Body of Work
  5. Scott Jones: What Would Jerald Do: Lessons I Learned from a Remarkable Ally
  6. Gail Tarver: Overview of Recent Historical Investigations by Jerald
  7. Albert Goodyear, Ashley Smallwood Jennings, Thomas Jennings, Sam Upchurch, Joe Wilkinson, and Mark Corbitt: The Mark Corbitt Clovis Quarry Cache in Lowndes County, Georgia

Discussant: David G. Anderson

Archaeology in Action: The Latest in Georgia Archaeology

  1. Savana Deems, William Heflin, Brian Trufley, and Terry Powis: A Preliminary Reconstruction of the Middle Woodland Period in the Etowah River Valley: A View from the Lower Dabbs Site
  2. Kate Deeley From the Ground Up: Beginning Archaeological Research at the William Harris Homestead, Monroe, GA
  3. Carey Garland*, Laurie J. Reitsema, and Elliot H. Blair: Intracemetery Comparison of Childhood Stress Histories at Mission Santa Catalina de Guale, St Catherines Island, GA.
  4. Lori Thompson and Jeffrey Glover: The Phoenix Project: The Resurrection of the MARTA Collection
  5. Dennis Blanton: Soto’s Capachequi Province: A Developmental History
  6. Elizabeth Straub, Christopher Moore, and Richard Jefferies: The Irene/Altamaha Transition on Sapelo Island
  7. Ryan McNutt: Grey Ghosts: Searching for Confederates at Camp Lawton, Georgia, USA
  8. Lisa Russell: What was lost and buried in the Lakes of North Georgia?
  9. Jana Futch: Data Recovery Investigations of the Early Nineteenth-Century Lawrence-Wooten Farm, Greene County, Georgia
  10. Scott Butler: Phase III Excavations at the Horseshoe Bend Site (9GE552), a Lamar Farmstead at Reynolds Lake Oconee, Greene County, Georgia.


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