Get Your Copy of the 2019 Lesson Plan!

The Society for Georgia Archaeology proudly presents the 2019 Lesson Plan. It is the twenty-second in SGA’s series of Archaeology Month-themed lesson plans, and it offers teachers and students alike lots of information, instruction, pictures, discussions, activities, and suggestions for additional reading and online resources to coincide with this year’s archaeology month theme.

The theme chosen by the SGA for Georgia Archaeology Month 2019 is  is Heritage Under the Waters: The Archaeology of Georgia’s Reservoirs. Beginning in the early 1900s until the 1980s, Georgia Power Company, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the U.S Army Corps of Engineers constructed numerous dams on major waterways in Georgia. Nineteen of the thirty major reservoirs had some level of archaeological survey and evaluation. Many institutions took part in these surveys at the state and federal level, and these projects trained several generations of archaeologists and ignited public interest in the history of Georgia. These major projects served to document the data left behind by past human settlement on the landscape, providing the basis by which archaeologists could identify and interpret the varied ways humans articulated with the landscape and each other as they formed households, communities, and larger societies through time and space.

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