Blue Ridge Archaeology Guild (BRAG) October Meeting

Archaeologist Russell Cutts’ talk, “Primitive or Sophisticated? Human Ingenuity Through Ancient Eyes” will be presented to the Blue Ridge Archaeology Guild (BRAG) on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

We “moderns” often assume our superiority against perceptions of our ancestors, and indeed, even other animals. Using ancient technologies as a lens to inquire as to the ingenuity and inventiveness of our human forebears, we will come to recognize not only the many modern innovations that owe their very existence to the ancients, but also come to question our own scientific description of the human species as “Homo sapiens.”  Perhaps “Homo technologensis” is a more apt bionomial for our kind!

Instructor and Researcher Russell Cutts holds an M.A. (UGA’98) and is a Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology at the University of Georgia. He is an archaeologist and paleoanthropologist whose interests focus primarily on the human origins of technology, especially the control of fire. Russ has a background in experimental archaeology/actualistic studies, is an avid stone-knapper, stone-age fire-maker and naturalist. He applies innovative geoarchaeological techniques in researching the horizon of human fire use. He currently teaches anthropology for Oxford College of Emory University.

The BRAG meeting begins this time at 7:00 pm (note the time change) in the Parks and Recreation Building at 365 Riley Road, Dahlonega.  The club’s meetings are free and the public is welcome to attend.