The SGA leadership

Board of Directors

Chair: Tom Lewis, Atlanta

Mr. Lewis graduated from the University of North Carolina with a BA in History and from the University of Alabama with a MA and PhD in Anthropology. He currently works for Cardno as the Senior Archaeologist. His thesis work was conducted in the Mobile Bay region of Alabama and focused on nineteenth-century Indians who remained following removal. His dissertation work examined the Late Mississippi period occupation of the Lower Big Black region of west-central Mississippi and the relationship between the relatively small chiefdoms in that region to much larger chiefly societies in surrounding parts of the Lower Mississippi Valley. His work in Georgia has primarily been focused on the late prehistoric and protohistoric periods. Dr. Lewis has a personal interest in public education and outreach and works with local civic groups and schools to educate their members about the importance of Georgia’s unique archaeological and historic resources.

Brian Greer, Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield

Mr. Brian Greer serves as the Installation Archaeologist and Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Program Leader at Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield, currently under contract with Aerostar, LLC.  He received his B.A. in Anthropology from Georgia Southern University (1991) and a M.A. in Historic Archaeology from Georgia Southern University (2006).  He has 19 years of experience at Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield conducting archaeological surveys and excavations, site recording, curation, historic cemetery recordation, and archaeological/historic research.  In 2012, Mr. Greer’s CRM Program was awarded the Secretary of the Army’s Environmental Award for Cultural Resources.  His research interests include the naval stores industry, railroad/tramlines, and historic cemeteries.  In 2013, under a Department of Defense Legacy project, he contributed to the development of an archaeological and historic context of the naval stores industry of coastal GA, FL, and SC through a collaborative effort with LG2 Environmental and Southeast Horizons, Inc.  He has volunteered at various archaeological sites across Middle and South Georgia and is a member of the Society for Georgia Archaeology and the Society for Historic Archaeology.  Mr. Greer was also a temporary instructor at Georgia Southern University where he taught Cultural Resource Management – Laws and Regulations.

Leslie Johansen, Atlanta

Ms. Johansen serves as a Compliance and Review Archaeologist for Georgia DNR-Historic Preservation Division. She received her PhD in Archaeology from the University of York, UK  (2010), a M.A. in Historical Archaeology (2004) and completed a M.F.A. in Historic Preservation from the Savannah College of Art and Design (2001).  She has fifteen years of experience in archaeological survey and excavation.  While her research interest focused on eighteenth-century designed and estate landscapes, Leslie has worked on various pre-historic and historic archaeological projects throughout Britain, Northern Ireland, Corinth and Coastal Georgia.

She lectured undergraduate and post-graduate courses in the Archaeology Department at York, was the principal instructor for geophysical-survey field schools and is experienced in training volunteers in archaeological techniques. Prior to returning to the US, Leslie worked as a Volunteer Coordinator for the Council for British Archaeology’s Young Archaeologist’s Club and the UK Parks and Gardens Data Services Parks and Gardens UK Project- an online portal for historic gardens.  She continues her personal research in historic landscapes, studying Euro-Colonial landowner practices manifested in the landscapes of Georgia and South Carolina coastal plantations.

Corey McQuinn, Athens

Mr. McQuinn graduated with a B.A. in Anthropology from Ithaca College and M.A. in Anthropology from the University at Albany, Corey is currently a marketing director and principal investigator for Hartgen Archeological Associates, Inc., base in Albany, New York. Before moving to Athens, Corey was a project director for 13 years for Hartgen, conducting all phases of archaeological investigations on a broad range of contexts in the Northeast. Focusing on historical archaeology, Corey is committed to archaeological education and for about a decade had co-directed Hartgen’s archaeological summer camp program on a number of sites in New York State. Corey is a member of the SGA, as well as the Archaeological Society of South Carolina, New York State Archaeological Association, and the Society for Historical Archaeology. He also regularly presents at local and national professional conferences.

Richard Moss, Atlanta

Mr. Moss is a professional CRM archaeologist from Georgia. He received both his B.A. in Anthropology (2007) and M.S. in Archaeological Resource Management (2010) from the University of Georgia. He currently works with for Edwards-Pitman Environmental in Smyrna as a Principal Investigator. Richard has participated in survey and excavation projects throughout the Southeast but particularly adores the archaeology of his home state. Richard is keen on archaeological applications of technologies like remote sensing and GIS. In addition to SGA, he is a member of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists, and the Register of Professional Archaeologists.

Amanda D. Roberts Thompson, Athens

Amanda D. Roberts Thompson, M.A., is the Manager of the Laboratory of Archaeology and Georgia Archaeological Site File at the University of Georgia. She specializes in historical archaeology and ethnohistory, as well as collections and curation management. She has been involved in project in the Caribbean, Fiji, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Mexico. Her current research includes projects on the Georgia Coast and in southwest Florida. The main focus of her research in these areas is the dynamic economies that emerged as a result of colonialism and the establishment of the plantation system in the Southeast. In addition to research, she is committed to making archaeology broadly relevant to the public and participates regularly in outreach and education.

LK Schnitzer, Stone Mountain

Laura Kate (LK) Schnitzer is an archaeologist and field director at New South Associates in Stone Mountain, Georgia. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Maryland, and an M.A. in Maritime Studies with a focus in Archaeology from East Carolina University. LK has experience with all phases of both maritime and terrestrial archaeology, including remote sensing, survey, testing, excavation, artifact conservation, and analysis. She has worked on cultural resource management projects in thirteen U.S. states, and abroad on heritage based projects in Sweden, Namibia, and Jordan.

Liz Williamson, Ellerslie

Elizabeth Williamson received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Auburn University in December 2003. While a student, Ms. Williamson attended two field schools and often performed cultural resource management surveys on the weekends under the direction of Dr. John Cottier. After graduating, she continued to work for Auburn University as a field technician. In August 2006, Ms. Williamson moved to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee. Under the direction of her committee chairman, Dr. Walter Klippel, she completed her Master’s Thesis, entitled “A Faunal Analysis of 1WX15, the Indian Hill site, Wilcox County, Alabama,” and obtained her Master of Arts in Anthropology from UTK in August 2010. In September 2010, she was hired by Southern Research, Historic Preservation Consultants, Inc. as a Staff Archaeologist, where she continues to be employed to this day. Since joining Southern Research, she has directed a wide variety of projects in South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. Her research interests are similarly extensive and varied, ranging from historic granite quarrying in the Piedmont of South Carolina to how prehistoric technology and foodways can inform the modern sustainable farming movement. She has, over the past year and a half, become the GIS technician for Southern Research as well, and looks forward to expanding her GIS skills from basic map-making to complex data analysis. She has served on the Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists, first as Vice-President, then President, and is currently serving as Past-President. She has thoroughly enjoyed attending SGA meetings and is excited to have the opportunity to become further involved through service on the SGA board.

Ex-Officio/Immediate Past-President: Joseph Roberts, Atlanta

Mr. Roberts serves as a Principal Investigator and Field Director for Edwards-Pitman Environmental, Inc. He received his B.A. in Archaeology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2006) and a M.A. in Anthropology from East Carolina University (2011). He has ten years experience in archaeological survey and excavation, site recording and reporting, curation of prehistoric and historic collections, and archaeological research. Mr. Roberts has also worked on archaeological sites in the Southeast in various states including: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. In addition, he has participated in projects in England, Greece, and Jamaica. He is actively involved in the Society for Georgia Archaeology promoting archaeological standards and stewardship to the public. Mr. Roberts is also a member of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists.


President: Tom Lewis, Atlanta

(Biography above.)

Vice-President and President-Elect: Open Position

Secretary: Lori Thompson

Lori C. Thompson has over 15 years of archaeological experience in CRM. She participated in field excavations across the southeastern United States as a field technician and project supervisor. Her most recent CRM experience has been as the Archaeology Lab Director for Edwards-Pitman Environmental, Inc. Ms. Thompson received her BA degree in 1996 from Georgia Southern University and her MA degree in 2016 from Georgia State University.

Treasurer: Lee Herron, Augusta

Lee is married to Tammy F. Herron and has two daughters, Courtney Paige Herron and Summer Herron Wolfgram. Lee and Tammy have one granddaughter, Aidyn Grace Wolfgram. He retired from Procter & Gamble in 2013, after 27 years of service as an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic. After a three day retirement, he accepted a position with Kellogg Company in the same capacity. He is a War Between The States (Civil War) reenactor and is a Life Member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, both, at the National and State level. His camp is the Brigadier General E. Porter Alexander #158 in Augusta, GA. He has held numerous positions within his camp including two years as Commander and six years as Treasurer. Lee also has a home based business named Dixieland Currency that buys and sells Confederate, 19th century Southern Obsolete Bank and Southern States currency. He is also an avid collector.

Other Officials of the SGA

Parliamentarian: Open Position

Managing Editor, Early Georgia: David Hally, Athens

Professor of Anthropology, University of Georgia. PhD, Harvard University.

Editor, Early Georgia: Kate Deeley

Kathryn H. Deeley completed her Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of Maryland, College Park, in May 2015 with a focus on historical and African American archaeology. She received a Masters in Applied Anthropology from the University of Maryland in 2011, and a Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology from Wake Forest University in 2009. Her most recent research explores how identities are created, maintained, and reinforced through the consumption and use of material culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Annapolis, Maryland. Additionally, she has conducted research at both prehistoric and historic archaeological sites in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and Portugal. She managed the Archaeology in Annapolis laboratory for four years, has taught anthropology courses at the University of Maryland, the Catholic University of America, and is currently teaching Anthropology in the School of Liberal Arts at Georgia Gwinnett College. In addition to SGA, she is also a member of the Society for American Archaeology, the Society for Historical Archaeology, the Southeastern Archaeological Conference, and the Register of Professional Archaeologists.

Editor, The Profile/website content: Open Position

ArchaeoBus Manager: Rita Elliott, Rincon; temporary manager: Corey McQuinn, New South Associates, Stone Mountain

Rita is a past President of the SGA. She originated and developed the idea for the ArchaeoBus and made it happen. As of August 2015, the ArchaeoBus is being managed by Corey McQuinn.