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Abby and SEAC 2018

Dear Diary, I am now rested from my recent, exciting visit to the second largest city in Georgia! Yep, that would be Augusta, Georgia, located just across the Savannah River from South Carolina. As it was my first visit to Augusta, I was happy to learn more about it. Did you know, Diary, that Augusta […]

Abby and CoastFest 2018

October 8, 2018 Dear Diary, I hope you don’t think I’ve been ignoring you. After all, you can keep up with my whirlwind schedule on my very own Facebook page. Just type in “ArchaeoBus”! I do like to write to you from time-to-time though, as we have such a long-lasting relationship and I know you […]

December 21, 2017

Dear Diary, OK, Diary, here is your fall riddle… What has 7,700 people, snakes, cannons, hamburgers, fish, art, 18th century colonists, kayaks, hawks, free things, AND archaeology? You are right, it is CoastFest! Now that fall is drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time to tell you about one of my favorite fall events. […]

ArchaeoBus contact updated

Abby The ArchaeoBus is Georgia’s Mobile Archaeology Classroom! The contact for the ArchaeoBus has been updated. This post contains a link to email the Archaeobus staff and bring Abby to your future event!

Georgia, Can You Dig It? A Georgia Archaeology Faire

The Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA) would like to invite you to join us at the 73rd Annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) Meeting for an opportunity to learn about Georgia archaeology! Explore and participate in activities led by Georgia archaeologists at: Georgia, Can You Dig It?    A Georgia Archaeology Faire hosted by The Society for […]

October 15, 2016

ArchaeoBus diary 2016 10 15, 2016 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus enjoys being visited by over 8,000 people at CoastFest and evades Hurricane Matthew. Read more to learn about how Abby is gearing up for a Celebration of Archaeology in Athens, Georgia during the annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference.

September 2016 Archaeology Events

SGA_logo_web_100 Take a look at some of the events taking place this month across the state. Local chapter meetings are taking place in Macon, Atlanta, Dahlonega, and Buford, in the coming weeks. Read more about how to attend lectures and learn about archaeology and upcoming events, including hands on activities like artifact ID days, archaeological lab instruction, and field day opportunities.

June 29, 2015

Before I jump into my busy summer season, I just HAVE to tell you about my spa day this past winter and early spring. It will be therapeutic to share this with you. I was totally rehabilitated – mechanically and cosmetically during my spa retreat this past winter and early spring. I have to admit, […]

October 28th, 2014

ArchaeoBus diary 2014 10 28, 2014 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus travels through a storm and attends the 20th Annual CoastFest in Brunswick, meeting old and new friends who help to teach people how fun and exciting archaeology can be.

June 18th, 2014

ArchaeoBus diary 2014 06 16 07 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus visits Mt. Zion Public Library, over in west Georgia…. The ArchaeoBus also visited this library last year. Students from the Mt. Zion Public Libraries Summer Reading Program, along with their parents, toured the Bus and played games led by the New South crew.

May 23rd, 2014

ArchaeoBus diary 2014 05 23 01CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus visits Senoia, meeting children and adults from Georgia…and a group that came from Newberry, South Carolina, too!

Abby the ArchaeoBus, Frankie Snow, and the SGA honored by the SAA

Submitted by Tammy Herron, President

sga_logo_cuRead on for exciting news from SGA President Tammy Herron. Abby the ArchaeoBus, Frankie Snow, and the SGA were all honored at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology.

July 10th, 2013

ArchaeoBus 2013 Jul 10 02 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus visits western Georgia’s Mt. Zion Public Library and Ephesus Library, and hosted crowds of interested children and kids-at-heart.

June 28th, 2013

2013 Jun 28 ArchaeoBus diary 06 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus visits the last of the libraries she traveled to in the Gwinnett County Public Library System—Collins Hill Public Library in Lawrenceville and Centerville Public Library in Snellville, finding fantastic kids at both places, as at all the rest of the libraries….

March 18, 2013

SGA_ArchaeoBus_portrait_CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus visits Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, and is visited by over 200 people. The SGA extends a hearty thanks to helpers from Armstrong Atlantic State University Anthropology Club, students, and especially Anthropology and Archaeology Instructors Ms. Bruno and Ms. Seifert!

March 13th, 2013

ArchaeoBus leaving stone mtn for coast…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus departs Stone Mountain southbound to attend various events in Coastal Georgia….

December 12th, 2012

ArchaeoBus on Stone Mountain night CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus talks about her return journey to Stone Mountain to work from New South Associates over the next six months to educate the children of the Stone Mountain/East Atlanta/Dekalb County area on how nifty archaeology can be!

ArchaeoBus in Stone Mountain

Submitted by Rita Elliott and Nick Joseph (

Abby the ArchaeoBus is in residence at New South Associates in Stone Mountain through June 2013. A wonderful crew at NSA is conducting a regional pilot program to reach a more diverse and greater percentage of the Georgia population. This will serve to guide how we use Abby in other regions of our large state. Nick Joseph, Marketing Coordinator at NSA, will be the Stone Mountain Regional Coordinator for the ArchaeoBus.

October 16th, 2012

ArchaeoBus on SAA home CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus discusses her latest publicity—her photograph high on the home page of the Society for American Archaeology, which has more than 7000 members.

October 6, 2012

ArchaeoBus Oct 6 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus attends the 2012 CoastFest in Brunswick to show people how fun and exciting archaeology can be, and how important it is to preserve archaeological sites.

October 4th, 2012

ArchaeoBus Oct 4 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus stars…um…plays a role in a movie!—well, a TV show. Read the full story to learn about the ArchaeoBus’s adventure driving to Camp Lawton, and working there with Time Team America’s crew, which was there shooting a segment about the Civil War camp.

Volunteer for the SGA at CoastFest 2012

Submitted by Rita Elliott (

Rita Elliott invites you to volunteer to help with the SGA’s exhibit at CoastFest in Brunswick. Our biggest display will be the ArchaeoBus! Rita writes, “We will be setting up at 8 AM.” CoastFest runs from 10AM–4PM on Saturday, October 6, 2012. Follow the link in the full story, and tell Rita when you can help!

August 6, 2012

ArchaeoBus Ft Daniel 2012 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus visits the Fort Daniel Colonial Faire during Archaeology Month in May, 2012. Fort Daniel is an archaeological site in urban Gwinnett County, right behind a house. During the Faire, students worked with archaeologists excavating the Fort, visitors enjoyed booths with hands-on activities, and could even buy a souvenir!

August 5th, 2012

ArchaeoBus windshield 05 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus gets new lenses for “cataracts.” Abby discusses getting new windows, courtesy of Southern Research, Historic Preservation Consultants, making her both safer and…more beautiful (she says).

August 7th, 2012

ArchaeoMo ArchaeoBus NewSouth 04CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus visits New South Associates in Stone Mountain during Archaeology Month, Spring 2012. Abby tells about her adventures hosting many visitors, and provides many photographs of people and activities, including an excavation. Look at the photos and find friends—and meet Captain Jack!

July 31, 2012

Ft Hawkins Abby 2012 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus visits Fort Hawkins (Macon) during Archaeology Month, in Spring 2012. Abby tells about her adventures at Fort Hawkins, and provides many photographs of visitors and activities, including excavations and surveying with a transit. Look through them all to find SGA friends and acquaintances!

May 1, 2012

2012 AD May 1st CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus visits Auburn, Georgia, and hosts over 200 visitors including middle-schoolers, homeschoolers and parents, city administrators, a state representative, and more—read the whole story and look at the photos!

November 29, 2011

ArchaeoBus GCSS 2011 parked CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus attends the Georgia Council for the Social Studies Conference in Athens along with hundreds of teachers, many of whom, she discovered, are quite knowledgeable about Georgia archaeology.

November 28, 2011

ArchaeoBus auction 2011 crowd mingling CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus attends the charity auction to raise money for the SGA’s Endowment Fund that was held in conjunction with the 2011 Fall Meeting.

November 27, 2011

ArchaeoBus FtHawkins 2011 bus fort CU…In which Abby the ArchaeoBus visits Ft. Hawkins, in Macon. Abby describes excavations to uncover palisade walls that were built in 1809, and the flood of visitors who toured the Bus and displays.

November 26, 2011

ArchaeoBus 2011 SEAC outside CUAbby the ArchaeoBus discusses visiting the Southeastern Archaeology Conference in Florida, and participating in Public Archaeology Day while parked outside the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville. Enjoy photographs of the event as part of the diary entry.

ArchaeoBus teaches teachers in Athens

2011 GCSS ArchaeoBus CUThe ArchaeoBus spent Friday, October 21st, 2011 at Georgia Council for the Social Studies conference in Athens, attended by 510 educators. The ArchaeoBus, accompanying displays, and the door prize the SGA offered were all well-received.

ArchaeoBus at Fort Hawkins for week

Ft Hawkins master plan graphic CUThis week, 24–31 October, 2011, the SGA’s ArchaeoBus is at Fort Hawkins and open to the public, while excavations are in progress. This is the first time the ArchaeoBus has visited active excavations! Fort Hawkins, on a hill above the Ocmulgee National Monument and downtown Macon, dates to 1806, before Macon was founded. On the 31st, attend a Press Conference at 3:00PM, when you can see all that was found during the week, and tour the ArchaeoBus. At 5:00PM, the first Fort Hawkins Halloween Hauntings will begin, with ArchaeoBus tours a major highlight of this free, fun, family event.

Audacious Archaeology Auction items (#1)

sga_logo_cuYou are invited! Come out for an adventurous evening and leave with a treasure! Participate in both a silent and live auction to benefit the SGA on Saturday evening, October 22, 2011, at the Terrapin Brewery, just outside of Athens. Entry is free. Silent auction and tours begin at 6:30pm. The live auction begins at 8pm, with Georgia Hall of Fame Auctioneer Colonel Wilbur C. Mull. We offer two kinds of items for both the live and the silent auctions: 1) Ethnic Objects from Around the World (no archaeological artifacts, of course), and 2) Outdoor Adventure items. Access sample item photos in the full story.

Step right up! Help at the 2011 Georgia National Fair

Submitted by Rita Elliott (

Attend the Georgia National Fair and help the SGA by volunteering to present the ArchaeoBus to the public. No experience necessary! The ArchaeoBus is the SGA’s fun mobile classroom and museum. The 2011 Georgia National Fair in Perry runs from Thursday, October 6 through Sunday, October 16.

The ArchaeoBus attends Girl Scout camp

Submitted by Teresa Groover and Tom Gresham

ArchaeoBus Teresa girlscouts bus CUSGA’s ArchaeoBus, nicknamed Abby, visited a week-long Girl Scout Eco-camp in Oglethorpe County in July, 2011. Amy Glinski, leader of the camp, along with SGA’s Tom Gresham and Teresa Groover presented a half day of programming and hands-on activities to 40 girls who ranged from 6 to 13 years old. We think this was another successful venture for the ArchaeoBus and was a slightly different audience and setting. We are finding that the ArchaeoBus is readily adaptable to a wide range of audiences.

ArchaeoBus visits library in Danielsville

Submitted by Tom Gresham

ArchaeoBus at Madison Co Library parked AB CUFifty-seven visitors toured the ArchaeoBus when it was parked at the Madison County Library in Danielsville on April 16th, 2011, and browsed exhibits set up in the library. The ArchaeoBus created a good bit of excitement and all who visited were impressed and appreciative. A Facebook comment later that weekend observed, “we saw tons of cool things…the ArchaeoBus was great!!!” Two kids bounding up to the library chanted ArchaeoBus! ArchaeoBus! ArchaeoBus!

By the numbers: SGA and the Georgia National Fair 2010

Submitted by Rita Elliott, ArchaeoBus Chair (

Abby the ArchaeoBus met countless numbers of the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Georgia National Fair in Perry this October. Visitors had a unique opportunity this year to learn about Georgia’s archaeology and preservation in a fun and interactive way, courtesy of the Society for Georgia Archaeology. Families and adults were actively engaged in learning these messages, as were field trip students. Countless children left Abby positive messages in her visitor book. Also, a special thanks to the hard working cadre of volunteers at the ArchaeoBus exhibit.

ArchaeoBus volunteers enjoy the Georgia National Fair: Story and photographs

Submitted by Kelly Woodard (

Volunteering for the SGA is not a daunting task as one might think, being at the Georgia National Fair all day with the ArchaeoBus smelling livestock, eating fatty foods, and dealing with rowdy kids. The ArchaeoBus volunteers report they had a great time and all said they would do it again!

4th annual Seven Islands Artifact ID Day growing interest among the public

Submitted by Stephen Hammack (

The annual Seven Islands Artifact ID Day on October 23, 2010, was hosted by the Ocmulgee Archaeological Society (OAS) and the Butts County Historical Society (BCHS). Members of Taylor County High School’s “Benjamin Hawkins Historical, Expeditionary, and Geographical Society (BHEGS) volunteered to help manage the archaeology tent. Now in its fourth year, the event has continued to gain support and receive more visitors.

Two days at the Georgia National Fair with the ArchaeoBus

Submitted by Sammy Smith (

In the full story, click through photos from two days spent with the ArchaeoBus at the Georgia National Fair, in Perry. Visitors of all ages enjoyed the Fair from October 7–17, 2010. SGA members pulled together to staff the ArchaeoBus exhibit with three or more volunteers at all times, helping thousands of fair-goers learn about Georgia archaeology.

ArchaeoBus, Georgia National Fair, and seeds

Georgia_National_Fair_ArchaeoBus_CU.jpgVisit the Georgia National Fair—October 7–17 in Perry, and step into the ArchaeoBus! We’ll have lots of information plus activities for kids! Kids can make a seed packet for next spring, and plant seeds Native Americans in Georgia used to cultivate! The full story has a downloadable Fair map with the ArchaeoBus location marked, and a downloadable handout about Native American agriculture in Georgia.

ArchaeoBus scheduling for October 2010

SGA_ArchaeoBus_portrait_CUThe ArchaeoBus handlers have filled the ArchaeoBus schedule for October! There’s CoastFest, ten days at the Georgia National Fair, and then two days in Athens with teachers attending the Georgia Conference on the Social Studies!

Read the diary of Abby the ArchaeoBus

Read the story of the SGA’s ArchaeoBus, as told by Abby the ArchaeoBus herself. Abby wants to share her experiences with the whole wide world, via this website! Abby includes many snapshots, so you can feel like you’ve spent time with her, too!

Pictures from Spring 2010 Meeting

2010_Spr_Meet_knapping_CU.jpgThe SGA’s 2010 Spring Meeting, held Saturday, May 15th, at The Parks at Chehaw, just outside of Albany, featured demonstrators knowledgable in the skills of ancient peoples. The theme of this year’s Archaeology Month was Making the Past Come to Life! Exploring Ancient Techniques. The full story has more photographs.

SEAC’s 2010 Public Outreach Grant announced

SEAC_logo_100.jpgThe 2010 SEAC Public Outreach Grant has been awarded to Fort Frederica National Monument, St. Simons Island, Georgia, for their project “Digging History” at Fort Frederica: Community Archaeology Festival. The festival features SGA’s ArchaeoBus.

Governor’s Award in the Humanities presented to Rita Elliott

Submitted by Tom Gresham (

RitaElliott_GovAward2010_CU.jpgUPDATE: new photos!
Rita Elliott, one of the most active, creative and energetic SGA members in recent memory, was awarded the prestigious Governor’s Award in the Humanities at a banquet in downtown Atlanta on May 11, 2010. She was presented the award on stage by Governor Sonny Perdue’s special assistant and former DNR Commissioner Lonice Barrett, Georgia Humanities Council President Jamil Zainaldin, National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman and former Congressman Jim Leach, and Humanities Awards Committee Chair Swann Seiler.

Watch the past come to life!

Submitted by Tammy Forehand Herron (

How could Native American Indians in Georgia have survived in a vast “wilderness” for thousands of years? That question will be answered on Saturday, May 15th at The Parks at Chehaw in Albany. Human survival long ago required mastery of the many skills to be demonstrated and explained by experts who have studied and learned them. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get back to basics—this program is for you!

Rita Elliott to receive 2010 Governor’s Award in the Humanities

Long-time SGA member and past president Rita Elliott has been informed in a letter from Governor Sonny Perdue that she will be a recipient of the prestigious Governor’s Award in the Humanities. The presentation ceremony will be held Tuesday May 11, 2010 at the Old Georgia Railroad Depot in Atlanta, beginning at 10:30 AM with a lecture. The awards luncheon will follow at noon. Ticket information is in the full story.

Newsflash: ArchaeoBus will attend Spring Meeting

SGA_ArchaeoBus_portrait_CUAttend the SGA’s Spring Meeting on Saturday, May 15th, 2010, at The Parks at Chehaw, outside of Albany, and tour the ArchaeoBus!

Saving Georgia’s Dirt at CoastFest 2009

Submitted by Kevin Kiernan (

SGA_ArchaeoBus_portrait_CUCoastFest 2009 broke all records for attendance this year with over 7000 visitors. The SGA sent the ArchaeoBus and set up tables, with many volunteers helping educate the visitors. The theme was “Save Georgia’s Dirt!”

Where in the World is Abby?

Submitted by Rita Elliott (

SGA_ArchaeoBus_portrait_CUThe ArchaeoBus wranglers have been busy. During the past six months with few attempts to solicit venues, we have exposed 8,500 people to the Archaeobus and archaeology. Read the full story for a summary of ArchaeoBus activities, and a discussion of funding sources and some volunteers (a hearty thank you to each!) and expenses.

ArchaeoBus visits Glynn County school

pottery_being_sorted The online version of Jacksonville’s The Florida Times-Union published a story on the Society’s own ArchaeoBus on 24 November 2009. Elementary school students sort pottery in this photo by Terry Dickson. Read the full story by clicking [More] below.

Abby (aka Abbey, the bus, the bookmobile) is christened

Submitted by Rita Elliott (

With the crash of a champagne bottle over her fender, a new green bough laid upon her, the cadence of a drum roll, and the suspenseful unveiling of the tarp, Abby the ArchaeoBus was officially christened. Over 70 guests participated in the historic event during the spring Archaeology meeting in Macon on May 16, 2009. […]

Online Athens reports on success of ArchaeoBus

Submitted by Sammy Smith (

online_athens_CURyan Blackburn, of Online Athens, the online version of the Athens Banner-Herald, has written a glowing article about the SGA’s own ArchaeoBus! (picture from Online Athens)

Spring 2009 Meeting a grand success!

Submitted by Sammy Smith (

archaeobus_unveil_cake_cuThe SGA’s Spring Meeting on Saturday, May 16th, with the theme Mounds in Our Midst: Monuments of Prehistoric Culture in Georgia, hosted over 100 attendees who enjoyed formal presentations, informal networking, and the unveiling of SGA’s newest outreach project: the Archaeobus!

Attend first ArchaeoBus event—the unveiling!

archaeobus_photo_cuYou are invited to attend the unveiling of the SGA’s latest big project, the ArchaeoBus, our new mobile archaeology classroom! Door prizes! Refreshments! An interactive kazoo event! After the “christening” you can tour the ArchaeoBus and see the exhibits inside! Mark your calendar, and come to Macon on May 16th!

You are cordially invited

Submitted by Rita Elliott (

archaeobus_littleAre you curious about all this hub-bub over some old vehicle? Come satisfy your curiosity and see the brand new ArchaeoBus at its christening. The ArchaeoBus, (A.B or “Abbey” for short), becomes official on Saturday, May 16, 2009, at 4:00 pm, after the presentations at the Spring Meeting!

Birth announcement

Submitted by Rita Elliott (

The Society for Georgia Archaeology is pleased to announce a recent birth after a long labor. The new arrival is a beautiful, baby bus. ArchaeoBus arrived on November 21, 2008, measuring 16’ long and weighing several tons. Proud Godparents include the ArchaeoBus Committee. These baby pictures show the new bus, swaddled in its designer ‚“wrap” […]

ArchaeoBus wrapped for the road

archaeobus_littleIn November 2008, the ArchaeoBus got wrapped, thanks to a generous grant from the Georgia Transmission Corporation.

Best Buy gives $4,000 grant for ArchaeoBus

Submitted by Rita Elliott (

ArchaeoBus is quickly becoming more than just a pretty face! The last Profile article described the colorful “wrap” that will embellish the exterior of the vehicle and create an exciting traveling billboard for public archaeology outreach. Thanks to Best Buy Children’s Foundation, ArchaeoBus will now be equipped with substantial technology that will expand the potential […]

Archaeology bus rolling right along

The Archaeology Bus Committee has several exciting items to report to the membership. First, John (JC) Burns of jcbD, has generously provided pro-bono work to create the graphic and text design that will go around the vehicle. This will allow the vehicle to be “reborn” from the bookmobile that it was to the new and […]

Bookmobile today—Archaeology bus tomorrow

Submitted by Betsy Shirk

The story of the transformation of the Bookmobile acquired by SGA from the Athens Clarke County Regional Library continues! The Archaeology Mobile Advisory Panel had its first meeting on Saturday, November 10. Joined by about 93,000 fans in town for the UGA-Auburn game, members of the advisory panel converged on Athens from around the state. […]

The wheels on the bus go round and round…

Submitted by Rita Elliott (

The bus is here!! The Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA) is pleased to announce the acquisition of a book mobile from the Athens Regional Library System and the beginning of an innovative, large-scale project. The project, now known as the Archaeology Mobile project, but soon to have an official name, is an ambitious plan aimed […]