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December 21, 2017

Dear Diary, OK, Diary, here is your fall riddle… What has 7,700 people, snakes, cannons, hamburgers, fish, art, 18th century colonists, kayaks, hawks, free things, AND archaeology? You are right, it is CoastFest! Now that fall is drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time to tell you about one of my favorite fall events. […]

ArchaeoBus contact updated

Abby The ArchaeoBus is Georgia’s Mobile Archaeology Classroom! The contact for the ArchaeoBus has been updated. This post contains a link to email the Archaeobus staff and bring Abby to your future event!

How do we decode the past?

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Tybee_sun_with_pier_CU.jpgThe long version of this story introduces a multipage online presentation by the Smithsonian Institution called “Decoding the Past: The Work of Archaeologists” (with lesson plans). This raises issues of how to envision the past so that you can reveal patterns, rhythms, and cycles that it encompasses. French historian Fernand Braudel’s tri-partite division of the rhythms of the past are introduced.

Necessities of life

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pot_well-lit_CU.jpgThe Internet provides great resources for those researching and learning about archaeology. Finding the really good stuff, however, can be difficult. Here’s some help: the Arkansas Archeological Survey has posted some really good stuff!

ArchaeoBus visits: teacher information

The Society for Georgia Archaeology’s ArchaeoBus is a Mobile Archaeology Classroom. Teachers in Clarke County, Georgia, can make reservations now for January through June of 2010. Click here for Guidelines for Educators, which includes a request form and student response form. Click here for the document Standards, Skills, Domains, and Learning Styles addressed by the […]

The ArchaeoBus is Georgia’s Mobile Archaeology Classroom

SGA_ArchaeoBus_portrait_CUGeorgia’s Mobile Archaeology Classroom—the ArchaeoBus—provides hands-on and minds-on activities to enthuse your students about learning. Archaeology is a great tool for turning on the minds of students, as well as a great motivational tool. More important, it is a discipline capable of instruction in a wide variety of skills. Archaeology is a holistic academic and intellectual approach that involves all subject areas, social skills, and conceptual skills. Georgia’s Mobile Archaeology Classroom offers the opportunity for students and teachers to leave the traditional four-walled classroom and use a new approach to learn state standards!