2008 Archaeology Month

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Book review: Archaeological Encounters with Georgia’s Spanish Period, 1526-1700

Submitted by Kelly Woodard (kelly@thesga.org)

Recently, members of the SGA received Archaeological Encounters in Georgia’s Spanish Period, 1526-1700: New Findings and Perspectives, edited by Dennis B. Blanton and Robert A. DeVillar. The SGA used the book to raise awareness of special topics in Georgia archaeology as well as reward its membership with the opportunity to receive special publications. Currently, all available copies have been distributed to the SGA membership and institutional members of SGA, such as libraries. If you are looking for this particular book, these libraries should have an available copy.

Thomas H. Gresham receives 2008 Joseph R. Caldwell Award

The SGA is proud to award long-time member Thomas H. Gresham the prestigious Joseph R. Caldwell Award for outstanding service to Georgia Archaeology.

Archaeology Month proclaimed

Many archaeologists came to the Capitol to witness Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue signing the Proclamation of Archaeology Month on 10 June 2008. Pictured, left to right, with the Governor (seated) are Mary Beth Reed, Ray Luce, David Crass, Terry Jackson, Phil Quirk, Bill Jordan, Myles Bland, Kathryn Ruedrich, Betsy Shirk, Tom Gresham, Tammy Herron, and […]

Archaeology Month 2008 recap

Submitted by Betsy Shirk (b.shirk@comcast.net)

From the spring symposium at Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, which kicked off Archaeology Month, to the proclamation signing ceremony at the Capitol, which this year provided closure, Archaeology Month 2008 was a success. Months of planning and hard work by the Archaeology Month committee and volunteer laborers preceded the promotion. Archaeology Month […]

2008 Archaeology Month Sponsors

Primary Sponsor The Society for Georgia Archaeology Co-Sponsors Bland & Associates, Inc. Brockington and Associates, Norcross Coosawattee Foundation Council on American Indian Concerns Edwards-Pitman Environmental Environmental Services Inc., Savannah Fernbank Museum of Natural History Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists LAMAR Institute New South Associates, Stone Mountain Office of the State Archaeologist Panamerican Consultants, Tuscaloosa, Alabama […]

Archaeological Encounters in Georgia’s Spanish Period

SGA’s 2008 poster for Archaeology Month is “Archaeological Encounters in Georgia’s Spanish Period.” In this dramatic and eye-catching presentation, three human figures in outline dominate the poster’s imagery. The figure on the left is of a Spanish Conquistador. He is identifiable because of the shape of his helmet, and because of his sword. The figure […]

Archaeological Encounters in Georgia’s Spanish Period

SGA’s 2008 Archaeology Month topic was “Archaeological Encounters in Georgia’s Spanish Period” and the Society produced an accompanying lesson plan for teachers. Part of the background text reads: We may never know exactly how the first meeting went between Spanish explorers and Native American Indians in Georgia. However, archaeologists have found enough evidence to get […]