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Archaeology Month 2010 Recap

Submitted by Tammy F. Herron (TRFOREHA@mailbox.sc.edu)

The Society for Georgia Archaeology’s seventeenth annual Georgia Archaeology Awareness promotion, Archaeology Month 2010, had as its theme Making the Past Come to Life: Exploring Ancient Techniques. Making Archaeology Month 2010 happen involved several events. Governor Perdue signed the proclamation designating May as Georgia Archaeology Month on May 25 at the Capitol. Volunteers met on April 26th at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History to package posters, fliers announcing the lesson plan, and surveys for the teachers to return to the SGA. Finally, the SGA’s annual gathering for the spring meeting was held in Albany, Georgia on May 14–16, 2010, complete with demonstrators and the ArchaeoBus.

Pictures from Spring 2010 Meeting

2010_Spr_Meet_knapping_CU.jpgThe SGA’s 2010 Spring Meeting, held Saturday, May 15th, at The Parks at Chehaw, just outside of Albany, featured demonstrators knowledgable in the skills of ancient peoples. The theme of this year’s Archaeology Month was Making the Past Come to Life! Exploring Ancient Techniques. The full story has more photographs.

Board meets May 14th, Albany

Submitted by Sammy Smith (sammy@thesga.org)

In conjunction with the Spring Meeting during 2010 Archaeology Month, SGA’s Board and Officers met in Albany for about three hours on Friday afternoon, May 14th, the day before the general meeting, and discussed the business of the organization.

Packaging day for the Archaeology Month 2010 posters

Submitted by Tammy Herron (trforeha@mailbox.sc.edu)

2010_packaging_00_CU.jpgOn Monday, April 26th, thirteen volunteers met at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta ready for an SGA work detail. The assignment: prepare the 2010 posters for mailing! There were boxes, posters, mailing tubes and labels, and…organization! The volunteers logged about 45 hours on behalf of the Society getting this valuable assignment completed. Read the details and see pictures with the full story!

Sunday tour after Spring Meeting

Submitted by Tammy F. Herron (forehand@sc.edu)

Georgia Archaeology Month 2010 Chairman Tammy F. Herron announces a tour scheduled for Sunday, May 16th, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., arranged by the Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau. Cost is $5.50 for the Flint RiverQuarium group ticket rate and you will provide or buy your own lunch. The itinerary is in the full story.

Watch the past come to life!

Submitted by Tammy Forehand Herron (forehand@sc.edu)

How could Native American Indians in Georgia have survived in a vast “wilderness” for thousands of years? That question will be answered on Saturday, May 15th at The Parks at Chehaw in Albany. Human survival long ago required mastery of the many skills to be demonstrated and explained by experts who have studied and learned them. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get back to basics—this program is for you!

Spring 2010 meeting housing information

sga_logo_cuThe Spring 2010 Meeting of the Society for Georgia Archaeology will be Saturday, May 15th, at The Parks at Chehaw, just outside of Albany. The full story has a link to a hotel and a campground, for those attending the meeting. The SGA Board will meet on the afternoon of Friday, May 14th, as they traditionally do, after meetings of the Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists. The Friday meetings will be at the Country Inn & Suites in northwest Albany.

SGA’s Spring Meeting, May 15th, near Albany

The Society for Georgia Archaeology invites you to join us in honoring the our state’s seventeenth annual Archaeology Month! The theme is “Making the Past Come to Life! Exploring Ancient Techniques.” The meeting will be Saturday, May 15th at The Parks at Chehaw, near Albany. The meeting features exciting outdoor demonstrations by modern-day craftsmen who will show you skills much like our ancestors’.

2010 lesson plan now available online

Submitted by Tammy Herron (trforeha@mailbox.sc.edu)

2010_Archaeo_Month_LP_CU.jpgThe Society for Georgia Archaeology proudly presents this year’s lesson plan for teachers and other interested parties! The theme SGA has chosen for Georgia Archaeology Month 2010 is Making the Past Come to Life! Exploring Ancient Techniques. We hope that the readers of this lesson plan will become familiar with a range of skills and techniques used by the early inhabitants of Georgia, and perhaps better understand the dynamic interaction between the natural environment and humans and their culture.

Read Archaeology Month 2010 Events Brochure

Submitted by Pamela Baughman (pbaughman@dot.ga.gov)

The SGA proudly presents a brochure listing Archaeology Month events scheduled for around the state. This year, 2010, is Georgia’s seventeenth Archaeology Month! Read the full story and download the brochure listing special events, including the SGA’s Spring Meeting, Saturday, May 15th at The Parks at Chehaw, near Albany.

Newsflash: ArchaeoBus will attend Spring Meeting

SGA_ArchaeoBus_portrait_CUAttend the SGA’s Spring Meeting on Saturday, May 15th, 2010, at The Parks at Chehaw, outside of Albany, and tour the ArchaeoBus!

Save the date for the SGA Spring Meeting: May 15th

sga_logo_cuSave the date: Saturday, May 15th. Plan to meet SGA members and other interested attendees at The Parks at Chehaw just outside of Albany. Read the full story and stay tuned to this website for more details!

Host an Event for Georgia Archaeology Month May 2010

Submitted by Pamela Baughman (pbaughman@dot.ga.gov)

sga_logo_cuPlan an event anywhere in the state for Archaeology Month in spring 2010! This story links to a form you can download and fill out to get your event in our Calendar of Events brochure. Activities of all sorts are welcomed!

Stay tuned: Spring meeting plans underway

sga_logo_cuJust a brief head’s-up that plans for the Spring Meeting (that is, Spring 2010) are moving forward.