The Society for Georgia Archaeology has two publications that members receive as part of their membership benefits, Early Georgia and The Profile.

SGA’s flagship publication is the journal Early Georgia, which has been published for decades. Each year has a single volume, and recently, that volume has had two numbers or separate issues. Click here to read more about Early Georgia.

SGA also publishes the newsletter The Profile four times per year. Beginning in mid-2009, The Profile ceased to have a print version disseminated by snail mail. Click here to read articles from The Profile.

The Society offers two publications intended for the general public that discuss the breadth of archaeology in Georgia.

Buy a copy of the second edition (2003) of Roy S. Dickens, Jr.’s Frontiers in the Soil: The Archaeology of Georgia, and you will have a lovely and informative cartoon book that is highly recommended. Click here to read more about “Frontiers.”

In 2001, the Society published a volume of Early Georgia entitled “Resources at Risk: Defending Georgia’s Hidden Heritage.” It contains seven articles that work in concert as an overview of the besieged state of archaeological preservation in Georgia. Click here to read more about this Special Issue and to download it as a PDF.

Teachers might be especially interested the 1992 issue of Early Georgia called ‚“Archaeology in the Classroom: By Teachers for Teachers—Used Archaeology: Practical Classroom Ideas for Teachers by Teachers.” Click here for more information and a link to download a PDF of the issue.

One knotty topic in Georgia archaeology, and elsewhere is interpretation of rock piles. Thomas H. Gresham authored ‚“Historic Patterns of Rock Piling and the Rock Pile Problems” for the 1990 issue of Early Georgia. Click here to read more about that article, and to download a PDF of it.

The Society has special publications aimed at improving outreach and public education. We also have digital versions of many of the posters we’ve produced as part of our annual Archaeology Month outreach activities. Read about them here.

Join the Society for Georgia Archaeology and receive our journal, Early Georgia, as part of your membership dues. Click here to join!