The Society for Georgia Archaeology historically published its newsletter, The Profile four times each year. Beginning in mid-2009, The Profile ceased to have a print version disseminated by snail mail. This means you can read up on SGA activities right here on our website!

Articles for inclusion in The Profile are made by The Profile Editor on a quarterly basis. Your story must be published on the website to be eligible for inclusion in The Profile. The quarters used for publication of The Profile are aligned with the calendar, and end on the last day of March, June, September, and December. Look for the new issue within the next two or three weeks after the publication period closes.

Across Georgia, and indeed the rest of the nation—and much of the developed world—many archaeological projects are funded by public monies. In the US, this work is undertaken by public archaeologists primarily working for cultural resource management, or CRM firms. Click here to read stories about CRM projects recently undertaken in Georgia.

The Society has local Chapters scattered around the state. Many SGA members are also members of a nearby Chapter—and a few are members of more than one! Click here to read news from the Chapters, describing field trips and meetings, and other activities.

For first-person stories about being an archaeologist or doing archaeology, take a look at the columns in “On the level.” Click here to go to these fascinating articles.

SGA members can stay current with the activities and business of the society through the “President’s message,” published in each issue of The Profile. Click here to read the latest of these quarterly updates.

Other SGA business is published in The Profile as “Announcements,” mostly about upcoming meetings. Click here to read recent announcements.

Some articles in The Profile discuss Society news of other sorts. Click here to read recent SGA news articles.

Specific articles regarding SGA publications can be found by clicking here.