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2007 FallThe SGA news

Fall 2007 meeting abstracts

In Fall 2007, SGA met at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center, 2020 Clean Water Drive (near The Mall of Georgia), Buford. The Search For Fort Daniel Jim D’Angelo, TRC and Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society The traditional location of one of Georgia’s early frontier forts, Fort Daniel, has been marked with a roadside historical sign […]

Research articles

Search for Fort Daniel

Submitted by Jim D’Angelo and Shannon E. Coffey ( and

The Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society (GARS) has been conducting an archaeological investigation at the traditional site of one of Georgia’s earliest frontier forts, Fort Daniel, in Hog Mountain (Hamilton Mill), Gwinnett County, Georgia. New study of old documents shows that Fort Daniel was not original to the site, but rather constructed in late 1813 to […]

Artifact informationResearch articles

A discussion of Joseph Caldwell’s Late Archaic Stamp Creek Focus of northwest Georgia

Submitted by Jerald Ledbetter (

Many of the archeological phase names currently used for northwest Georgia are directly attributable to the work of Joseph Caldwell in Allatoona Reservoir more than fifty years ago (Caldwell 1950, 1957). While terminology has changed over the years, most of the designations used by Caldwell remain in use today. For instance, the old term “Kellogg […]

Research articles

Inside the Ring: Recent excavations at the St. Catherines Island shell ring

Submitted by Matthew C. Sanger (

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) has been lucky enough to work on St. Catherines Island, Georgia for the last 30+ years. Since 2006, the museum has focused its attention on the Late Archaic Period (3000-1000 B.C.) on the island—specifically, we have been working on the St. Catherines Island Shell Ring. Shell rings are […]

Georgia Mountains Archaeological SocietyResearch articles

Notes on the Chicopee Limestone Kiln near Gainesville

Submitted by Lorraine Norwood, Dan Page, and Jack Wynn

The GMAS Archaeology Chapter met on Saturday, July 7, 2007 at the home of Jon Hoekstra, professor at Gainesville College, and resident of Chicopee Mill Village, which is adjacent to Chicopee Woods. Jon hikes in the woods and often ambles along stream beds in the area in search of interesting flora and fauna. One day […]

On the levelResearch articles

Vols joined Pros at Kolomoki

Submitted by Dick Brunelle (

It is was once said, “June is the month for weddings”. Not in our field of avocational and vocational interest. June is the first full month when schools of all kinds release students of anthropology and archaeology, along with their professors, to “get down to earth” in archaeological pursuits. And sometimes, they allow volunteers to […]