SGA’s President presents a quarterly update to members about the Society’s business.

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President's messageSummer 2014 issueThe Profile

Summer 2014 President’s Message

Submitted by Tammy Herron

SGA_logo_web_100The Summer 2014 President’s Message is now posted. Read on for a excellent recap of the Spring 2014 meeting of the SGA and news of upcoming events from SGA president Tammy Herron.

Online newsPresident's messageSGA notices onlineSpring 2014 issueThe Profile

Spring 2014 President’s Message

Submitted by Tammy Herron, President

sga_logo_cuThe Spring 2014 President’s Message has been posted. It has been a busy spring for the SGA; read on for SGA President Tammy Herron’s report on recent events in Georgia archaeology, including the launch of the new research grant!

Online newsPresident's messageSummer 2013 issueThe Profile

President’s Message: Summer 2013

Submitted by Tammy Herron

sga_logo_cu…in which President Tammy Herron discusses the Spring 2013 meeting, Georgia Archaeology Month, and the latest issue of Early Georgia. Read on to learn more about the great talks and tours from the meeting.

AnnouncementsPresident's message

Call your Senator/Representative—NOW

Submitted by Tammy Herron (

SGA President Tammy Herron requests that SGA members and friends call their Senator/Representative NOW to request their help in restoring the Georgia Archives to its ability to be open to the public for regular business hours and to have sufficient staff to provide the basic full range of services that a state archival institution should provide. Thanks for doing this NOW. Call, don’t write.

2013 Archaeology Month2013 SpringPresident's messageSGA notices onlineThe SGA newsWinter 2012 issue

President’s Message: Winter 2012

Submitted by Tammy Herron (

…in which new President Tammy Herron congratulates incoming members of SGA’s leadership and announces that the 2013 Spring Meeting will be in Macon on Saturday, May 18th, at both the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and Ocmulgee National Monument. In addition, the SGA has joined The Coalition to Preserve the Georgia Archives. If you haven’t already done so, you can renew your membership online by clicking here.

Fall 2012 issuePresident's messageSGA notices onlineThe SGA news

President’s Message: Fall 2012

Submitted by Catherine Long (

…in which President Catherine Long updates members on activities of the SGA in the third quarter of 2012. This is President Long’s last President’s Message, as Tammy Herron will become President at the end of the Fall Meeting, on October 27th in Columbus.

President's messageSGA notices onlineSummer 2012 issue

President’s Message: Summer 2012

Submitted by Catherine Long (

SGA President Catherine Long reports on the Spring Meeting, a GAAS field trip, and plans for a Board Meeting in August—timed to coincide with SOGART’s 2012 Symposium on Southeastern Coastal Plain Archaeology. Plans for the Fall Meeting are underway; stay tuned for details. Once again, the ArchaeoBus will attend CoastFest in October in Brunswick. We hope to see you at upcoming events!

2012 Archaeology Month2012 SpringAnnouncementsPresident's messageSGA notices onlineSpring 2012 issue

President’s Message: Spring 2012

SGA President Catherine Long discusses the Society for Georgia Archaeology’s plans for Archaeology Month 2012, in May, and the Society’s associated Spring Meeting on Saturday, May 19, with the theme Commemorating the Bicentennial of the War of 1812. President Long also highlights other activities of the Society.

President's messageSGA notices onlineThe SGA newsWinter 2011 issue

President’s Message, December 2011

Submitted by Catherine Long (

SGA President Catherine Long summarizes the year’s events for the Society for Georgia Archaeology, and previews upcoming activities in 2012.

2011 FallPhoto galleriesPresident's messageThe SGA newsWinter 2011 issue

Fall 2011 SGA meeting, auction, and festivities

Submitted by Catherine Long (

2011 Fall auction terrapin CUPresident Catherine Long details the 2011 Fall Meeting, in Athens. Members and guests of the SGA enjoyed papers in the morning and afternoon of Saturday, 22 October, with the sessions split by a brief Business Meeting and a lunch break. The group reconvened in the evening at the Terrapin Brewery for silent and live fund-raising auctions. Over $1400 was raised for the SGA’s Endowment Fund, after expenses.

Fall 2011 issuePresident's message

President’s Message: Fall 2011

Submitted by Catherine Long (

It is that time of the year when good things happen. Read President Catherine Long’s message to members about recent and upcoming events and plans. And plan to see fellow SGA members at the 2011 Fall Meeting in Athens on 22 October, and attend the silent and live auctions that evening to benefit the SGA’s Endowment Fund.

President's messageSGA notices onlineSummer 2011 issueVolunteer opportunities

President’s Message through June 2011

Submitted by Catherine Long (

SGA President Catherine Long recognizes the huge efforts by the volunteers to continue the mission and vision of the SGA. She describes how volunteers made the Spring Meeting and Georgia Archaeology Month in May happen. She also mentions two upcoming opportunities to serve—CoastFest in Brunswick on October 1st, and the Georgia National Fair in Perry from October 6–16. Also, save the date for the SGA’s Fall Meeting in Athens on October 22nd.

2011 Archaeology Month2011 SpringAnnouncementsPresident's messageSpring 2011 issue

President’s Message: Preparing for Archaeology Month 2011—and more

Submitted by Catherine Long (

sga_logo_cuSGA President Catherine Long updates members of the SGA on current activities by the Society’s leaders. We’re getting ready for Archaeology Month 2011 and our associated Spring Meeting, planned for McDonough on May 13–15. The theme is Gone But Not Forgotten: Rediscovering the Civil War Through Archaeology. That’s not all, however; the SGA has many committees, including on Membership, Advocacy, the ArchaeoBus, Website and Communication, Chapter Relations, and the Endowment—and more. The SGA’s newest committee is charged with selling over 3500 copies of the 2nd—and final—edition of Frontiers in the Soil; look for details on ordering on this website soon! Catherine also requests volunteers to work on poster packaging.

President's messageSpring 2011 issueThe SGA news

SGA President’s message: January 2011

Submitted by Catherine Long (

sga_logo_cuSGA President, Catherine Long, addresses the 2011 winter board meeting, upcoming goals, and spring meeting dates. According to Catherine, 2011 will be an exciting year to be part of the SGA!

2010 FallPresident's messageThe SGA newsWinter 2010 issue

Incoming SGA President’s message: Fall 2010

Submitted by Catherine Long (

sga_logo_cuIncoming SGA President, Catherine Long, addresses goals for her 2010-2012 term. Her message looks at the ways the organization is already moving forward and transitions made within the board.

President's messageThe SGA newsWinter 2010 issue

Outgoing SGA President’s message: Fall 2010

Submitted by Dennis Blanton (

Outgoing SGA President Dennis Blanton, 2008-2010, addresses the strides that the organization is making as it moves forward. He states that the organization will continue to thrive under the new leadership of our new President, Catherine Long. He also encourages everyone to be generous with their time and energy to support the SGA as we move forward.

Fall 2009 issuePresident's messageThe SGA newsWinter 2009 issue

President’s Message: The SGA’s business moves forward

sga_logo_cuThe SGA President Dennis Blanton catches us up on the business of the Society.

President's messageSummer 2009 issueThe ProfileThe SGA news

Dedicated members make SGA efforts a success

Submitted by Dennis Blanton (

Our annual public meetings and Archaeology Month events are occasions that expose all that is good about SGA. Our members respond with a great turnout and inevitably we reach a goodly number of others who are just plain curious about Georgia archaeology. The spring meeting at Wesleyan College in Macon was just such an event […]

President's messageSpring 2009 issue

Changes underway for the SGA

Submitted by Dennis Blanton

Good things are happening this spring in the Society for Georgia Archaeology—I hope that you can be a part of them all. Annual Spring Meeting. You won’t want to miss our annual spring meeting featuring the Archaeology Month theme, Mounds in Our Midst. A roster of fine speakers will make presentations at Wesleyan College concerning […]

President's messageWinter 2008 issue

President outlines changes ahead for the SGA

Submitted by Dennis Blanton (

As the new president, I welcome the responsibility of leading The Society for Georgia Archaeology again. The organization is prospering and functioning in ways that were almost unthinkable when I served as president over a quarter-century ago. Clearly, the healthy state of SGA is testament to many years of sound leadership and broad support, and […]

Fall 2008 issuePresident's message

President’s Message, fall 2008

Submitted by Carolyn Rock

It’s hard to believe that my term as President of SGA is coming to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with so many volunteers, both professional and avocational, who are dedicated to the preservation of Georgia’s archaeological heritage. I would like to thank board members Stephen Hammack, Tammy Herron, Terry Jackson, Pam Johnson, Catherine […]

President's messageSummer 2008 issue

President’s Message, summer 2008

Submitted by Carolyn Rock (

Another Georgia Archaeology Month has just been completed, May 2008! The Spring meeting held on Saturday, April 26, was a grand introduction to the month. Meeting chairman and SGA Vice President Dennis Blanton of the Fernbank Museum put together a well-planned program centered on the theme, “Archaeological Encounters in Georgia’s Spanish Period.” Meeting attendance was […]

President's messageSpring 2008 issueThe Profile

President’s Message, spring 2008

Submitted by Carolyn Rock

This Spring’s SGA symposium is just around the corner, scheduled for Saturday, April 26 at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. The meeting, titled Archaeological Encounters in Georgia’s Spanish Period: New Discoveries and Improved Understandings, will provide a full day of speakers presenting the latest discoveries about the Spanish colonial presence in the […]

President's messageWinter 2007 issue

President’s message, winter 2007

Submitted by Carolyn Rock

What’s the definition of “milestone,” and why does it apply to the Society for Georgia Archaeology this fall? The first answer follows here: Milestone (n) 1. a stone serving as a milepost 2. a significant point in any progress or development. The second answer, why “milestone” applies to SGA: Our first attempt at nominating a […]