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Research articles

Excavation and dating of a stone pile, Walker County, northwestern Georgia

Submitted by Jannie Loubser and Tommy Hudson (

Introduction The current owner of a 700-acre ranch on Pigeon Mountain, Walker County, bought the property in 1948 from a Euro- American family that owned it since the late 1830s. This family had a tradition that there were already stone piles on the land when their ancestors first took possession of it. Taken at face […]

How to disperse a mob and other endowment lessons

Submitted by Rita Elliott (

Police Commissioner: “If you were ordered to disperse a mob, what would you do?” Applicant: Pass around the hat, sir.” Police Commissioner: “That’ll do; you’re hired.” The mob has dispersed and The Society for Georgia Archaeology Endowment Fund is in need of contributors. A substantial beginning has been made and the new total is $15,235; […]

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GDOT busy around the state, beyond

Submitted by Shawn Patch (

On May 5, 2005, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) co-sponsored Archaeology Day at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains. Timed to coincide with Georgia’s Archaeology Month, this event turned out to be highly successful and richly rewarding for the both the sponsors and participants. The event was geared for groups of second […]