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Early Georgia archive

Here's a list of the back issues of Early Georgia along with up to date totals of how many copies are available and a content listing (where available.) Where indicated, complete issues may be downloaded at no charge (caution: some files are as large as 50MB.)

Reverse order of issues

  • Early Georgia 1 (1)

    Summer 1950
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 1 (1)

    What Are Artifacts
    A.R. Kelly

    A Preliminary Report on the Excavations in the Allatoona Reservoir
    Joseph R. Caldwell

    William Sears

    Survey of the Lower Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers
    A.R. Kelly

    Notes on the Exploration of the Bull Creek Site, Columbus, Georgia
    Mrs. Wayne Patterson

    A sketch of the Pine Log Indian Cave
    Corra Harris

  • Early Georgia 1 (2)

    Fall 1950
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 1 (2)

    The Study of Sites
    A.R. Kelly

    Hunting Petroglyphs in North Georgia
    Maragaret Perryman

    Georgia Archaeologists Before the Camera
    George Stoney

    Reconstruction of the Woodstock Fort
    Sheila Kelly Caldwell

    Standing Peach Tree
    Wilbur Kurtz, Sr.

  • Early Georgia 1 (3)

    Fall 1954
    7 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 1 (3)

    The Georgia Historical Commission
    C. E. Gregory

    The Chief Joseph Vann House
    Jospeph B. Mahan

    The White House in Augusta, Georgia
    Clemens de Baillou

    The Spanish Mission Site Near Darien
    Sheila K. Caldwell

    Georgia Historical Commission Excavations at Etowah, Summer, 1954
    Lewis H. Larson, Jr.

    New Echota
    Clemens de Baillou

  • Early Georgia 1 (4)

    Spring 1955
    19 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 1 (4)

    Chronology of New Echota
    R. D. Self

    New Echota- Capitol of the Cherokee Nation
    Henry T. Malone

    Symbols of a Civilization that Perished in its Infancy
    J. Roy McGinty

    Excavations at New Echota in 1954
    Clemens de Baillou

  • Early Georgia 2 (1)

    Summer 1955
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 2 (1)

    The Columbus Museum of Arts and History
    Margaret S. Bloomer

    The Gallery of Indian Arts and Crafts
    Eugene Cline

    The Abercrombie Mound, Russell County, Alabama
    Charles H. Fairbanks

    Archaeological Reconnaissance of the Middle Chattahoochee River Valley
    David W. Chase

    Investigations at Rood's Landing, Stewart County, Georgia
    Joseph R. Caldwell

  • Early Georgia 2 (2)

    Spring 1957
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 2 (2)

    Dicksie Bradley Bandy

    The Chief Vann House, The Vanns, Tavern and Ferry
    Clemens de Baillou

    The Cherokees Become a Civilized Tribe
    Henry T. Malone

  • Early Georgia 3 (1)

    June 1975
    2 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 3 (1)

    The Archaic in Georgia
    Chester B. DePratter

    The Woodland Period North of the Fall Line
    Patrick H. Garrow

    The Woodland Period South of the Fall Line
    Frank T. Schnell

    The Mississippi Period
    David J. Hally

    Lamar and the Creeks: An Old Controversy Revisited
    Margaret Clayton Howell

    Comments on the Papers
    Joseph R. Caldwell

  • Early Georgia 3 (2)

    December 1975
    126 copies available

    The James Lee Rockshelter: A Prehisotirc, Stratified, Limited Camp on Lookout Mountain
    James A. Brown

    A Preliminary Report on Test Excavations at the Sapelo Island Shell Ring
    Daniel K. Simpkins

    Swift Creek Designs and Distributions: A South Georgia Study
    F.H. Snow

  • Early Georgia 4 (1,2)

    September 1976
    171 copies available

    The Refuge Phase on the Coastal Plain of Georgia
    Chester B. DePratter

    Metal Detection as a Technique in Urban Archaeological Survey: A Preliminary Statement
    William R. Bowen and Linda F. Carnes

    The route of DeSoto through Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama: The Evidence of Material Culture
    Marvin T. Smith

    Copper and the Southeastern Indians
    Sharon I. Goad

    Archaeological Reconnaissance in Early County, Georgia: A Model of Settlement Patterning
    Karl T. Steinen

  • Early Georgia 5 (1,2)

    September 1977
    13 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 5 (1,2)

    Environmental Changes on the Georgia Coast During the Prehistoric Period
    Chester B. DePratter

    The Lower Georgia Coast as a Cultural Sub-Region
    Fred C. Cook

    A Survey of the Ocmulgee Big Bend Region
    Francis H. Snow

    Southwest Georgia Prehistory: An Overview
    Betty A. Smith

    Weeden Island in Southwest Georgia
    Karl T. Steinen

  • Early Georgia 6 (1,2)

    23 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 6 (1,2)

    Chester B. DePratter and Chung Ho Lee

    A Reconsideration of the Hopewellian Interaction Sphere in Prehistory
    Sharon I. Goad

    The View From Rood's Landing, Then and Now
    Gail S. Schnell

    Location Analysis of the Late Misissippian Sites in the Southern Piedmont
    Chung Ho Lee

    The Tugalo Site, 9ST1
    Marshall W. Williams and Carolyn "Liz" Branch

    European Trade Material from Tugalo, 9ST1
    Marvin T. Smith and Mark Williams

    Stone Tools in Historical Accounts, 1521–1800
    Marilyn Pennington

    Prehistoric Settlement and Subsistence Systems, Skidaway Island, Georgia
    Chester B. DePratter

    Joseph R. Caldwell and Georgia Ceramics
    Betty A. Smith

    Ceramic Analysis in Georgia
    Mark J. Williams

    A Technique for Estimating Fish Weight From Bone Weight
    Charles E. Pearson

  • Early Georgia 7 (1)

    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 7 (1)

    The Historic Cabin Site: The Last Trace of the Cherokee Town of Coosawatee
    Patrick H. Garrow

    Historic Demography and Ethnographic Analogy
    Suzanne K. Fish and Paul R. Fish

    The Anthropology of the Georgia Coast: A Reference Guide
    Clark Spencer Larsen

  • Early Georgia 7 (2)

    45 copies available

    Preliminary Archaeological Investigations on Floyd Creek, Camden County , Georgia
    Dwisght S. Kirkland

    Ethnohistory, Archaeology, and the Yuchi
    Anne Frazer Rogers

    An Archaeological Survey of the Upper Satilla Basin
    Dennis Blanton

    Kelvin: A Late Woodland Phase on the Southern Georgia Coast
    Fred C. Cook

  • Early Georgia 8 (1,2)

    30 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 8 (1,2)

    Tentative Identification of a Prehistoric “Province” in Piedmont Georgia
    Marvin T. Smith and Stephen A. Kowalewski

    A discussion of Misssissippian Settlement in the Georgia Piedmont
    James L. Rudolph and Dennis B. Blanton

    An Early Woodland Campsite in North Central Georgia
    William R. Bowen

    Big Tallassee: A Contribution to Upper Creek Site Archaeology
    Vernon J. Knight, Jr. and Marvin T. Smith

    Pagan Plum Point: Subsistence and Salt Marsh Ecology at a Late Archaic Shellmound, Chatham Co., Georgia
    Terry Martin

  • Early Georgia 9 (1,2)

    75 copies available

    Chert of Southern Oconee County, Georgia
    R. Jerald Ledbetter, Stephen A. Kowaleski and Linda O'Steen

    Finch's Survey
    Daniel T. Elliott

    The Lack of a Wilmington/Savannah Distinction in the Cord-marked Pottery from King's Bay, Georgia
    Christopher T. Espenshade

    An Archaeological Survey of an Area Proposed for Development at Etowah Mounds, Bartow County, Georgia
    John R. Morgan

    The Rise and Decline of the Old Quartz Industry in the Southern Piedmont
    Kenneth W. Johnson

    The Kelvin Phase House: Aboriginal Domestic Structure Design on the Southern Georgia Coast during the Late Woodland Period
    Fred Cook

  • Early Georgia 10 (1,2)

    216 copies available

    Robert Clements and Susan Power Rapp

    Native Americans and Georgia's Frontier Heritage
    Robert Bouwman

    Flintlocks and Slave Catchers: Economic Transformations of the Indians of Georgia
    Robbie F. Ethridge

    Indians Along the Oconee River after DeSoto: The Beginning of the End
    Mark Williams

    Domestic Architecture and Domestic Activities in the Native South
    David J. Hally

  • Early Georgia 11 (1,2)

    207 copies available

    The Wallace Reservoir Archaeological Project: An Overview
    Paul R. Fish and David J. Hally

    Vegetational History of the Wallace Reservoir
    Elisabeth S. Sheldon

    Subsurface Testing in the 1975–76 Wallace Reservoir Survey: Site Discovery and Site Exploration Applications
    Chester B. DePratter

    The Site Plan at Cold Springs, 9GE10
    Suzanne K. Fish and Richard W. Jefferies

    The Development of Lamar Ceramics in the Wallace Reservoir: The Evidence from the Dyar Site, 9GE5
    Marvin T. Smith

    Lamar Period Exploitation of Aquatic Resources in the Middle Oconee River Valley
    James L. Rudolph

  • Early Georgia 12 (1,2)

    67 copies available

    Red Bird Creek: Late Prehistoric Material Culture and Subsistence in Coastal Georgia
    Charles E. Pearson

    Irene: A Georgia Coast Archaeological Manifestation in Time and Space - Symposium of Papers Presented at the Georgia Academy of Science, April, 1983
    (authors below)

    Lewis H. Larson, Jr.

    Irene Manifestations on the Northern Georgia Coast
    Chester B. DePratter

    Irene Manifestations on Sapelo Island
    Morgan R. Crook, Jr.

    Irene Manifestations in the McIntosh County Tidewater Area
    Lewis H. Larson, Jr.

    Irene Manifestations from the Altamaha River to the St. Marys River
    Robin L. Smith

  • Early Georgia 13 (1,2)

    201 copies available

    A Sxteenth Century European Sword form a Proto-historic Aboriginal Site in Northwest Georgia
    Keith J. Little

    Pottery from Wamassee Head
    Mary Ann Brewer

    Middle Woodland Societies on the Lower South Atlantic Slope: A View from Georgia and South Carolina
    David G. Anderson

  • Early Georgia 14 (1,2)

    29 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 14 (1,2)

    Paleo-Indian Sites of the Inner Piedmont of Georgia: Observations of Settlement in the Oconee Watershed
    Lisa D. O'Steen, R. Jerald Ledbetter, Daniel T. Elliott, and William W. Barker

    A Thrice-Born Department: A History of Anthropology at The University of Georgia
    Wilfrid C. Bailey

    Preliminary Investigations at an Early Woodland Site in Floyd County, Georgia
    David S. Rotenstein

  • Early Georgia 15 (1,2)

    1 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 15 (1,2)

    La Tama de la Tierra Adentro (The Tama of the Interior)
    Samuel J. Lawson III

    A Preliminary Seriation of Coffin Hardware Forms in Ninetenth and Twentieth Century Georgia
    Patrick H. Garrow

    Swift Creek Occupation in the Altamaha Delta
    Lucy B. Wayne

  • Early Georgia 16 (1,2)

    159 copies available

    Archaeological Evidence for the Distribution of Sixteenth-Century Irene/Guale People on the Georgia Coast and Relationships to Socio-Political Organization
    Fred C. Cook

    From Frontier to Boomtown in Madison, Georgia
    Mark Williams and Marshall Williams

    A Descriptive Survey of Archaeological Sites Discovered During a 1984 Draw-Down of Lake Harding
    Tom J. Meltzer

  • Early Georgia 17 (1,2)

    254 copies available

    The Balfour Mound and WeedenIsland Culture in South Georgia
    Carl T. Steinen

    The Beginnings of the Creeks: Where Did They First 'Sit Down'?
    Frank T. Schnell

    Investigations of Willink's Marine Railway Savannah, Georgia
    Julie Barnes Smith

    Fortson Mound, Wilkes County, Georgia
    Daniel T. Elliott and Steven A. Kowalewski

  • Early Georgia 18 (1,2)

    159 copies available

    Historic Patterns of Rock Piling and the Rock Pile Problems
    Thomas H. Gresham

    A Savannah Period Mound in the Upper Interior Coastal Plain of Georgia
    Keith Stephenson, John E. Worth, and Frankie Snow

    The Sonny Lee Site: Shifting Sands and Archaeological Site Interpretation on the Gulf Coastal Plain
    Karl T. Steinen, Thomas J. Crawford

  • Early Georgia 19 (1)

    248 copies available

    The Vining Revival: A Late Simple Stamped Phase in the Central Georgia Piedmont
    Daniel T. Elliott and Jack T. Wynn

    Hogcrawl Creek: Early Mississippian Period Occupation in the Middle Flint River Floodplain
    John E. Worth and W. Maxwell Duke

    Prehistoric and Historic Settlement in Oglethorpe County, Georgia
    Jennifer Freer

  • Early Georgia 19 (2)

    34 copies available

    Late Pleistocene-Holocene Depositional Change in the Coastal Plain of the Savannah River Valley: A Geoarchaeological Perspective
    Mark J. Brooks and Donald J. Colquhoun

    Chronology of a Stratified Archaic Sequence in the Central Savannah River Valley
    Morgan R. Crook, Jr.

    Late Archaic/Early Woodland Structures from the Mill Branch Sites, Warren County, Georgia
    R. Jerald Ledbetter

    Mississippian Setllement in the Savannah River Basin
    David G. Anderson

    Lost and Found: Eighteenth-Century Towns in the Savannah River Region
    Daniel T. Elliott

    Historical Archaeology at SRS: The Surrent State of Knowledge
    David Crass and Richard Brooks

    Black Labor - White Land: The Archaeology of Society and Social Change in Augusta, Georgia
    J.W. Joseph and Mary Beth Reed

    The Hamilton House Site (9CB137): Two Domestic Structures in Columbia County, Georgia
    Christopher Murphy

  • Early Georgia 20 (1)

    1 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 20 (1)

    Special issue — Archaeology in the Classroom, by Teachers for Teachers

    Used Archaeology: Practical Classroom Ideas for Teachers, by Teachers
    Guest Editor: Rita Folse Elliott

    Adventures in Elementary Archaeology
    Michael C. Turner

    Sifting Through a Middle School Archaeology Program
    W. Maxwell Duke

    Collecting Artifacts from the Surface
    Thomas Pluckhan

    Archaeology and Anthropology for Second and Third Graders
    Margaret Wood

    Indians, Archaeology of Georgia, and Middle School Students
    Carol Brown and Carol Buhler

    Dig It!: A Children's Summer Workshop in Archaeology
    Julie Barnes Smith

    The National Science Foundation Young Scholars Program in Archaeology at Old Mobile
    Marvin T. Smith and Gregory A. Waselkov

    New Ebenezer: A Sweaty Volunteer's Account
    Stephen Reynolds

  • Early Georgia 20 (2)

    44 copies available

    In Search of True Flint
    Walter G. Jung II

    Upland Mississppian Occupation of the Allatoona Area
    Adam King and R. Jerald Ledbetter

    Two Hundred Years of Woodstock Occupation in Northwest Georgia: The View From Whitehead Farm 1
    William F. Stanyard and Thomas R. Baker

  • Early Georgia 21 (1)

    93 copies available

    The Textile Mills of Roswell, Georgia
    Karen G. Wood

    Prelude to Abandonment: The Interior Provinces of Early 17th-Century Georgia
    John E. Worth

  • Early Georgia 21 (2)

    18 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 21 (2)

    The Engineer and the Millwright: The Changing Technology of Small Water Power at Cochran's Mill Park
    David L. Morton, Jr.

    The 1992 and 1993 Excavations at the King Site (9FL5)
    David J. Hally

    What Are They Doing Here? Late Woodland-Early Mississippi Use of the Upper Coastal Plain in the Savannah and Ogeechee Watersheds
    Chad O. Braley

  • Early Georgia 22 (1)

    62 copies available

    Mississippian Settlement in the Upper Oconee and Upper Broad River Valleys
    Thomas J. Pluckhahn

    Archaeological Distributions in Georgia: 1994
    Mark Williams

  • Early Georgia 22 (2)

    1 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 22 (2)

    The Walker Street Site, 9ME60
    David W. Chase and Harold A. Huscher—edited and with contributions by R. Jerald Ledbetter

  • Early Georgia 23 (1)

    44 copies available

    Quartz Passports of the Morrow Mountain Middle Archaic in the Savannah River Drainage
    Robert W. Benson

    Putting the Ogeechee in its Place
    Kenneth A. Sassaman, Kristin J. Wilson, and Frankie Snow

    Archaeological Testing at the Brassell Site (9GL6), Glascock County, Georgia
    Kenneth E. Sassaman

    The Lewis Mound and the Mississippian Period Settlement of Fort Stewart , Georgia
    Thomas J. Pluckhahn

  • Early Georgia 23 (2)

    22 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 23 (2)

    Investigation of Upland Piedmont Lamar Site 9HK64
    Dennis B. Blanton

    The “Amateur” Archaeologist in Georgia
    George S. Lewis

    A Variation of South's Mean Ceramic Date Formula
    G. Jay Croft

    Red Pebbles
    Mark Williams

  • Early Georgia 24 (1)

    27 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 24 (1)

    An Appraisal of Tenant Farmer Health and Diet in Central Georgia: Results of the Redfield Cemetery Study
    Chad O. Braley and William G. Moffat

    Cacheing Behavior in Northwest Georgia in the Middle Woodland Period
    Dawn Reid

    Upland Lamar, Vining, and Cartersville: An Interim Report from Raccoon Ridge
    John Worth

  • Early Georgia 24 (2)

    19 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 24 (2)

    Middle Mississippian Occupation in the Ocmulgee Big Bend Region
    Keith Stephenson, Adam King, and Frankie Snow

    Reviving the Past on Campus: Archaeology and Preservation at Augusta State University
    Christopher P. H. Murphy and David C. Crass

  • Early Georgia 25 (1)

    15 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 25 (1)

    Refining Soapstone Vessel Chronology in the Southeast
    Kenneth A. Sassaman

    Rethinking Early Mississippian Chrononlogy and Cultural Contact in Central Georgia: A View from Tarver (9JO6)
    Thomas J. Pluckhahn

    The Fishing Creek Survey
    John F. Chamblee

  • Early Georgia 25 (2)

    33 copies available

    Excavations at the Marshall Site (9OC25): A Preliminary Report on the 1994-1995 Field Seasons
    James W. Hatch, Jerald Ledbetter, Adam King, Peter van Rossum, Thomas Foster, and Ervan Garrison

    A New Perspective on the Etowah Valley Mississippian Ceramic Sequence
    Adam King

  • Early Georgia 26 (1)

    13 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 26 (1)

    Where Have All the Artifacts Gone? The Cobb County Archaeological Survey’s Final Chapter
    Deborah L. Wallsmith

    A Kolomoki Chronicle: History of a Plantation, a State Park, and the Archaeological Search for Kolomoki's Prehistory
    C. T. Trowell

  • Early Georgia 26 (2)

    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 26 (2)

    Archaeological Salvage of the Plant Hammond Site
    John F. Chamblee, Thomas Neumann, and Barnet Pavao

  • Early Georgia 27 (1)

    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 27 (1)

    A Guide to Georgia Indian Pottery Types
    Mark Williams and Victor Thompson

  • Early Georgia 27 (2)

    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 27 (2)

    Soil Analysis and Prehistoric Agricultrual Fields: Ocmulgee National Monument, Mound D
    Dawn Reid

    Vining Phase Excavations on the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest
    Maureen Meters, Jack Wynn, Ramie Gougeon, Betsy Shirk

    From the Photograophic Archives: The WPA in Georgia
    Amanda McDaniel, James A. Page

  • Early Georgia 28 (1)

    2 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 28 (1)

    Archaeological Site Distributions in Georgia: 2000
    Mark Williams

    The Rise and Fall of the Westeo Indians: An Evaluation of the Documentary Evidence
    Eric E. Bowne

    Rocky Top Field Trip: Lithic Resources of Northeast Georgia
    Scott Jones

  • Early Georgia 28 (2)

    70 copies available

    J.W. Joseph

    Research Design and Field Results
    J.S. Cable and H.S. Gard

    Geomorphology, Stratigraphy, and Soil Consequence
    D.S. Leigh

    Cultural Features
    L.E. Raymer

    Zooarchaeological Results
    L. O'Steen

    Archaeobotanical Analysis
    L.E. Raymer and M.T. Bonhage-Freund

    Early and Middle Woodland Occupations
    J.S. Cable

    Late Woodland and Etowah Occupations
    J.S. Cable

    Qualla/Lamar Occupations
    J.S. Cable and M.B. Reed

  • Early Georgia 29 (1)

    May 2001
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 29 (1)

    Special issue— Resources at Risk: Defending Georgia’s Hidden Heritage

    Georgia's Hidden Heritage at Risk
    Charlotte A. Smith

    What is Archaeology? How Exploring Our Past Enriches the Present
    Jennifer Freer Harris and Charlotte A. Smith

    Why is Archaeology Important? Global Perspectives, Local Concerns
    Charlotte A. Smith and Jennifer Freer Harris

    An Introduction to the Prehistory of the Southeast “They were Shootin’em as Fast as They Could Make ’em…” and Other Popular Misconceptions about the Precolumbian Southeast
    Scott Jones

    Archaeological Resource Protection in Georgia—Federal, State, and Local Legislation and Programs
    Jennifer Freer Harris

    This Is Not Your Mother's SGA
    Rita Folse Elliott

    Sprawl and the Destruction of Georgia's Archaeological Resources
    Charlotte A. Smith and Jennifer Freer Harris

    The Future of Georgia’s Archaeological Resources: Transforming Citizens into Defenders
    Charlotte A. Smith and Jennifer Freer Harris

  • Early Georgia 29 (2)

    October 2001
    56 copies available

    Editor's Introduction
    Adam King

    Archaeological Investigations of the Vulcan Site, Bartow County, Georgia
    R. Jerald Ledbetter, Thomas Neumann, Mary Spink, and Andrea Shea

    Some Comments on the Vulcan Site Lithic Raw Material Choices and Tool Technologies
    Scott Jones

  • Early Georgia 30 (1)

    Spring 2002
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 30 (1)

    An Overview of Georgia Projectile Points and Selected Cutting Tools
    John S. Whatley

  • Early Georgia 30 (2)

    Fall 2002
    2 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 30 (2)

    Water Dumps and Kiln Footprints: Introduction to the Archaeology of Georgia Folk Pottery Production Sites
    James A. Burrison

    Archaeological Investigations of Alkaline-Glazed Stoneware Potteries in Northern Washington County, Georgia
    William R. Jordan

    The Gunters: The Migration of Georgia Pottery Family
    C. Scott Butler

    Taming The Groundhog: Excavations at the Sligh Stoneware Pottery, Paulding County, Georgia
    Christopher T. Espenshade

    Historical and Archaeological Investigations of an Atlanta Folk Pottery: The Rolader Sites
    William R. Bowen and Linda F. Carnes

  • Early Georgia 31 (1)

    Spring 2003
    3 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 31 (1)

    New Data from the Cannon Site: A Thirteenth Century Burial from Lake Blackshear
    George Price and Bryan Tucker

    Clarence Bloomfield Moore’s Unpublished Excavations on St. Simon's Island, Georgia: 1898
    Charles E. Pearson abd Fred C. Cook

    Aerating Fort Gordon: Prehistoric Cultural Resources Data from Survey of 28,000 Acres
    Robert W. Benson

    Gnawing Desire: The Role of Beavers and Their Habitats in Prehistoric Culture
    Scott Jones

    Possible Astronomical Sybols on “Sacred” Weeden Island Pottery
    David Allison

    Timucuan Mission Ceramics of South Central Georgia
    Marvin T. Smith and Eric Marks

    Skeletal Analysis of a Nineteenth Century Grave from Sapelo Island
    Robert L. Wright, Matthew A. Williamson and David Colin Crass

  • Early Georgia 31 (2)

    Fall 2003
    22 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 31 (2)

    Human Prehistory at the Sadlers Landing Site, Camden County Georgia
    S. Dwight Kirkland

  • Early Georgia 32 (1)

    Spring 2004
    29 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 32 (1)

    Volunteers in Archaeology
    Allen Vegotsky

    Georgia's Fish Trap Dams
    Bill Frazier

    Lydia Pinkham: Healer Or Quack?
    Allen Vegotsky and Rita Elliott

    Archaeology and Community: The Public Private Partnership for Community History at Scull Shoals, Georgia
    Jack T. Wynn and Judson Kratzer with Contributions by by Dona M. Shaw and Sammie Stooksbury

    Fort Hawkins Reconstruction
    Bill Cramer

    Soapstone Ridge
    Tom Wheaton and David Allison

    Bridging the Gap Between Archaeologists and the Public: Excavations at Silver Bluff Plantation, the George Galphin Site
    Tammy R. Forehand, Mark D. Groover, David C. Crass, and Robert Moon

    Volunteers in Archaeology: Discussant's Comments from the Fall 2002 Meeting of the Society for Georgia Archaeology, Augusta
    Rita Elliott

  • Early Georgia 32 (2)

    Fall 2004
    27 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 32 (2)

    Natural Factors Affecting the Setttlement of Mississippian Chiefdoms in Northwestern Georgia
    Maureen S. Meyers

    The Changing Face of Georgia Archaeology: 1974–2004
    David C. Crass and Richard Warner

    Swift Creek to Square Ground Lamar: Situating the Ocmulgee Big Bend Region in Calibrated Time
    Keith Stephenson and Frankie Snow

  • Early Georgia 33 (1)

    Spring 2005
    1 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 33 (1)

    When the Past is Destroyed: Loss of Archaeological Sites Due to Urbanization
    Stephen Kowaleski

    Land-Use Change and Impact on Archaeological Site in Georgia
    Malcolm Jared Wood and Gregory Lucas

    A Strategy for Conservation Archaeology in Georgia
    Terry Jackson and Jack Tyler

  • Early Georgia 33 (2)

    Fall 2005
    7 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 33 (2)

    An Experimantal Approach to the Analysis of Two Maize Cob-Filled Features from Etowah (9BR1)
    Mary Theresa Bonhage-Freund

    Ridgeway Road: An Archaeological Survey in West Central Georgia
    James C. Waggoner, Jr.

    A Burned Macon Plateau Period Structure from Brown’s Mount, Georgia
    Richard A. Marshall and Mark Williams

    In Search of Hernando de Soto: Charles Hudson and Paradigm Shifts in Southeastern Archaeology
    Marvin T. Smith

    4000 Years at a Glance: Patterns of Ceramic Style Distribution over Georgia
    Mark Williams

    And The Sun Did Not Shine: Experimental Archaeology at Macon Earth Lodge, 1938
    Elizabeth C. Shirk

  • Early Georgia 34 (1)

    Spring 2006
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 34 (1)

    A Techno-Functional Analysis of Fiber-Tempered Pottery from the Squeaking Tree Site (9TF5), Telfair County, Georgia
    James C. Waggoner, Jr.

    Caught Knapping: A Modern Flintknapping Station in Greene County, Georgia
    Scott Jones and Jerald Ledbetter

    Quartz Tool Technology in the Northeast Georgia Piedmont
    Scott Jones

  • Early Georgia 34 (2)

    Fall 2006
    11 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 34 (2)

    Prehistory of the Stuckey Tract, Bleckley County, Georgia
    Scot J. Keith

  • Early Georgia 35 (1)

    Spring 2007
    10 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 35 (1)

    Teardrops, Ladders, and Bull’s Eyes: Swift Creek on the Georgia Coast
    Keith Ashley, Keith Stephenson, and Frankie Snow

    Experimental Studies in Diabase
    Scott Jones and Mark Williams

    Validating "Daltonite" Within Greater Classification of Lithic Resources in the Interior Coastal Plain
    James C. Waggoner, Jr. and Scott Jones

    An Assessment of Stubby Stem Points
    Scott Jones

    A Sketch of the Pine Indian Cave
    Corra Harris

    Revisitng Arthur Kelly's 1951 Field School and the Corra Harris Cave from Bartow County
    Andrea E. Adams

  • Early Georgia 35 (2)

    Fall 2007
    11 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 35 (2)

    African-American Life in Georgia Through the Archaeological Looking Glass
    J.W. Joseph, PhD

    Data Recovery Excavations at the St. Anne's Slave Settlement, St.Simon's Island, Georgia
    Scott Butler

    African American Contributors to Savannah's Historic Landscape
    Bradford Botwick

    Landownership and Hardship: Interpreting the Landscape of an African-American Community in Eastern Gwinnett County, Georgia
    Jeffrey L. Holland

    Archaeology of a Tenant Farming Landscape: The Free Cabin Site, Hephzibah, Georgia
    Natalie Adams and Mark Swanson

  • Early Georgia 36 (1)

    Spring 2008
    22 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 36 (1)

    Residential and Communal Landscapes at the Ford Plantation Development, Richmond Hill, Georgia
    Thomas G. Whitley, PhD

    South of Hell's Gate: Life at the North End Plantation, Ossasbaw Island, Georgia
    Daniel T. Elliott

    Necessity of Commodity? An Analysis of the Ford Plantation Colonoware, Bryan County, Georgia
    Nicole Isenbarger

    Home-Crafted Brock Grave Markers in the African-American Section of Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Ga
    James J. D'Angelo

    A City Slave is Almost A Freeman…Or Not?
    Rita F. Elliott

    Springfield: An Archaeological History of a Free African-American Community from the Revolution to the Civil War
    J. W. Joseph

  • Early Georgia 36 (2)

    Fall 2008
    6 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 36 (2)

    Editor’s Introduction
    Thomas J. Pluckhahn

    Early History of Indians Along the Piedmont Savannah and Oconee Rovers
    Mark Williams

    The Lamar Tradition
    Mark Williams

    Shedding New Light on Middle Georgia: The Ocmulgee River Basin Archaeological Project
    Sttephen A. Hammack

    New Historical Data on an Old Archaeological Site: The Shoulderbone Mounds
    Mark Williams, Robin Beck, Jerald Ledbetter, Dan Elliott, and Woody Williams

    A Fresh Look at the Singer-Moye Site Mound Site, Stewart County, Georgia
    M. Jared Wood and Mark Williams


    The Archaeology of Everyday Life at Early Moundville, by Gregory D. Wilson
    Casey R. Barrier

    Southeastern Ceremonial Complex: Chronology, Content, Context, edited by Adam King
    Nancy Marie White

    Native American Landscapes of St. Catherine‘s Island, Georgia, by David Hurst Thomas
    Victor D. Thompson

  • Early Georgia 37 (1)

    Spring 2009
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 37 (1)

    Editor's Introduction
    Thomas J. Pluckhahn

    Peer Reviewed Article

    Gum Ponds and Cypress Swamps: Late Archaic Use of Upland Inter-Riverine Resources in the Dougherty Plain of Southwest Georgia (Peer Reviewed Article)
    James C. Waggoner, Jr.

    The Woodland Period North of the Fall Line: A Summary of Investigations from 1975 to 2000
    Patrick H. Garrow

    Passport In Time at Scull Shoals, 1997–2003
    Jack T. Wynn

    The First Tears of the Trail: Archaeological Investigation of Potential Cherokee Removal Fort Sites in Georgia
    Ronald Hobgood


    Architectural Variability in the Southeast, edited by Cameron H. Lacquement
    Benjamin A. Steere

    Circular Villages of the Monongahela, by Bernard K. Means
    Maureen Meyers

  • Early Georgia 37 (2)

    Fall 2009
    24 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 37 (2)

    Editor's Introduction
    Thomas J. Pluckhahn and Stephen A. Hammack

    Peer Reviewed Articles

    Seventy Years of Research of Architecture at a Muscogee Creek Town at Fort Benning, Georgia
    Thomas Foster

    The Archaeology of Robins Air Force Base, Houston County, Georgia
    Stephen A. Hammack

    Historic Mills in the Sand Hills of Fort Gordon, Georgia
    Renee Lewis, J.W. Joseph, and Mary Beth Reed

    Protohistoric Period Ceramics at King's Bay, Camden County , Georgia
    Carolyn Rock


    Three Decades of Archaeological Investigations and Cultural Resource Mangagement at Fort Stewart, Georgia
    Brian K. Greer


    James Cowan Waggoner, Jr. (1971–2009)
    John Chamblee, Victor Thompson, and Thomas Pluckhahn


    The Beads of St. Catherine's Island, By Elliott H. Blair, Lorann S.A. Pendleton, and Peter Francis, Jr.
    Bernard Marcoux

    The Archaeology of Town Creek, by Edmond A. Boudreaux
    Ramie A. Gougeon

    Subfloor Pits and the Archaeology of Slavery in Colonial Virginia, by Patricia Samford
    Shannon McVey, University of South Florida

  • Early Georgia 38 (1)

    Spring 2010
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 38 (1)

    Editor's Introduction
    Thomas J. Pluckhahn

    Peer Reviewed

    Reconstructing the Life Histories of Bolen Hafted Bifaces from a North Florida Archaeological Site
    Robert J. Austin and Scott E. Mitchell

    An Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Appraisal of a Piled Stone Feature Complex in the Mountains of North Georgia
    Johannes (Jannie) Loubser and Douglas Frink


    Historic Site Methodology on the Goergia Piedmont: Case Studies from the Oconee National Forest
    James Wettstaed

    New Data on the Number and Distribution of Archaeological Sites in Georgia by Time and Space
    Mark Williams, John A. Turck, and John F. Chamblee


    Samuel J. Lawson III (1951–2009)
    Stephen A. Hammack


    The Archaeology of Regions: A Case for Full Coverage Survey, edited by Suzanne K. Fish and Stephen A. Kowalewski
    Charlotte A. (Sammy) Smith

    Bilbo (9CH4) and Delta (38JA23): Late Archaic and Early Woodland Shell Mounds at the Mouth of the Savannah River, by Morgan R. Crook, Jr.
    John A. Turck

    From Santa Elena to St. Augustine: Indiginous Ceramic Variability (A.D. 1400-1700), edited by Kathleen Deagan and David Hurst Thomas
    Norma Harris

  • Early Georgia 38 (2)

    Fall 2010
    12 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 38 (2)

    Editor's Introduction
    Thomas J. Pluckhahm

    Guest Editor's Introduction
    Pamela Johnson Baughman

    Peer Reviewed

    The Life and Work of Joseph Ralston Caldwell (1916–1973)
    Pamela Johnson Baughman

    How New is My Archaeology: Interacting with Joseph Caldwell
    Robert L. Hall

    Primary Forest Efficiency in the Eastern Woodlands of North America
    David H. Dye and Patty Jo Watson

    The Importance of Woodstock Complicated Stamped Ceramics Fifty Years after Caldwell
    Julie G. Markin

    The Deptford Site: Reconfigured and Revisited
    Victoria G. Dekle


    Gulfization Revisited: Household Change in the Late Woodland Period at Kolomoki (9ER1)
    Thomas J. Pluckhahn

    Personal Reflections on Joseph R. Caldwell

    My Memories of Joe Caldwell
    Marshall "Woody" Williams

    Personal Reflections on Graduate Study with Joseph Caldwell
    Dick Jefferies

    Joseph Caldwell: A Brief Remembrance
    Mark Williams

    Dr. Joseph Caldwell’s Last Year
    W. Dean Wood


    Frank Theodore Schnell, Jr. (1940–2010)
    Terry Jackson and Jack Tyler


    Glazed America: A History of the Doughnut, by Paul R. Williams
    Brent R. Weisman

  • Early Georgia 39 (1)

    Spring 2011
    7 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 39 (1)


    Examining Variation in the Human Settlement of Prehistoric Georgia
    John A. Turck, Mark Williams and John F. Chamblee

    Theory In Recent Cultural Resource Management in Georgia
    Daniel P. Bigman, Stefan P. Brannan, Kevin S. Gibbons, Kelli Guest, Nathan Mountjoy, Benjamin M. Storey and Stephen A. Kowalewski

    Cropper or Operator? Interpreting Tenant Farm Sites in the Georgia Piedmont
    James Wettstaed


    A New Approach to the Ethnohistory of Southeastern Temple Mounds
    Mark Williams

    Rethinking Mound D at Kolomoki
    Thomas J. Pluckhahn


    Colonial Georgia and the Creeks: Anglo Indian Diplomacy on the Southern Frontier, 1733–1763, by John T. Juricek
    Stephen A. Hammack

    Trend, Tradition and Turmoil: What Happened to the Southeastern Archaic?, edited by David Hurst Thomas and Matthew C. Sanger
    Bryan Tucker

    The Eastern Archaic, Historicized, by Kenneth E. Sassaman
    Caitlin Kelley

  • Early Georgia 39 (2)

    Fall 2011
    4 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 39 (2)


    The Woodland Period of the Etowah, Coosa, and Alabama River Basins
    R. Jeannine Windham, Scot Keith, Craig Sheldon, Ned Jenkins, and Leslie Branch-Raymer

    Middle Woodland Gardening in the Etowah River Valley, Northwest Georgia: The Hardin Bridge Site (9BR34)
    Leslie Branch-Raymer and Mary Theresa Bonhage-Freund

    Hardin Bridge: A Look at an Early Middle Woodland Hinterland Settlement and Community
    R. Jeannine Windham

    The Cobbs Swamp Phase and the Middle Woodland Period of East Central Alabama: The View from Catoma Creek
    Thomas M. Shelby

    The Leake Complex: A Middle Woodland Hopewellian Ceremonial Center and Gateway Community
    Scot Keith

    Woodland Ceramic Diversity and Social Boundaries in Northeastern Alabama
    Keith J. Little

    Themes and Future Directions in the Woodland Archaeology of the Etowah-Catoosa-Alabama Basin
    Vernon James Knight

  • Early Georgia 40 (1)

    Spring 2012
    5 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 40 (1)


    Results From A Preliminary GIS-Based Model of Northern Georgia Mississippian Mound Site Locations
    Daniel P. Bigman and Lixin Wang

    The Flat Rock Community Mapping Project: A Case Study in Community Archaeology
    Jeffrey B. Glover, Kelly Woodard, P. Jack Reed, and Johnny Waits


    Settlement Mobility On The Georgia Coast During The Mississippian Period: An Explicit Frame Of Reference
    Morgan R. Crook, Jr.

    New Information On John P. Rogan
    Mark Williams and Marshall Williams

    Henry L. Reynolds, Jr.: Georgia's Greatest 19th Century Archaeologist
    Mark Williams and Keith Stephenson

    Archival Research Of The Hollywood Mound Site
    Adam King and Keith Stephenson

    Book Review

    The Invention of the Creek Nation, 1670–1763. By Steven C. Hahn
    Stephen A. Hammack


    Robert Joseph Cramer, Sr. (1926–2011)
    Stephen A. Hammack

  • Early Georgia 40 (2)

    Fall 2012
    9 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 40 (2)


    A Critical Assessment of Evidence Relating to the Range of the American Bison (Bison bison) in Georgia
    Wayne Van Horne


    The Archaeology of Mound H, Singer–Moye Mound Center, Stewart County, Georgia
    Margaret C. Russell and R. Donald Gordy

    Electron Dispersive X-Ray Analysis of American Folk Pottery
    Dana Mills and Jesse Rogers

    Clarence Bloomfield Moore's Unpublished Excavations on Sapelo Island, Georgia: 1898
    Charles E. Pearson

  • Early Georgia 41 (1)

    Spring 2013
    74 copies available

    Selections from articles published in The Profile, 1992-2009
  • Early Georgia 41 (2)

    Fall 2013
    3 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 41 (2)


    GPR Survey of Cemeteries of Georgia's Coastal Plain
    Daniel Elliott

    Preservation of McVicker Family Cemetery, Jonesboro, Georgia
    Gail Tarver and Daniel P. Bigman

    Identification of Unmarked Graves at Two Histori Cemeteries in Georgia
    Donald M. Thieme

    Archaeological Geophysics Survey of Atanta's Gulch
    Shawn M. Patch and Sarah Lowry

  • Early Georgia 42 (1)

    Spring 2014
    2 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 42 (1)


    Wright Square Burial Ground (9GN407), Brunswick, Georgia: A Voyage of Discovery and Learning
    William M. Weeks

    Sweetwater Creek’s Stone Enigma
    H. Denise Smith

    Ossabaw's Middle Settlement
    George Price

    Eating Onion Tacos in Ichisi: A Cross-Cultural Food Encounter in Protohistoric Georgia
    Ramie Gougeon


    Archaeobotany at Duckett Site (9HL554)
    Jack T. Wynn, Amy Byers, Jason King, Naomi Peevy, and Leslie E. Branch-Raymer

    Book Review

    The Cherokees of Tuckaleechee Cove. Jon Marcoux
    Lance Greene

    Life Among the Tides: Recent Archaeologyno the Georgia Bight, Victor D. Thompson and David Hurst Thomas, Editors
    Kevin Kiernan

  • Early Georgia 42 (2)

    Fall 2014
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 42 (2)


    Ground-penetrating Radar at the Leake Site: Investigations, Results, and Interpretations
    Pamela Baughman and Scot Keith

    Archaeological Prospection and Investigation at the Dabbs Site, Bartow County, Georgia
    Jeffry Turner, Keener Smith, Jessie Griggs Burnette, Sheldon Skaggs, and Terry G. Powis

    Archaeological and Geophysical Investigations of Raccoon Ridge, a transitional Late Woodland-Early Mississippian Village in the Georgia Piedmont
    Jennifer Birch and Jacob Lulewicz

    Ground Penetrating Radar and Resistivity Results from Mounds D and F at Singer-Moye (9SW2)
    Stefan Brannan and Daniel P. Bigman

    Investigating the Effects of Agricultural and Archaeological Disturbance at the Hollywood Site 9RI1)
    Christopher Thornock

    Mississippian Feature Patterning, Site Structure, and Community Organization at the Cox Site (1JA176), Jackson County, Alabama: Geophysical Survey Results
    Shawn M. Patch, Sarah Lowry, and Erin Pritchard

  • Early Georgia 43 (1&2)

    Spring 2015
    1 copies available
    Download Acrobat PDF of Early Georgia 43 (1&2)


    A Reanalysis of Pottery from the Anneewakee Creek Mound, Georgia, with Thoughts on the Napier Phenomenon
    Julie G. Markin and Vernon James Knight, Jr.

    The Paired Hemiconical Punctate Motif: a Possible Diagnostic Mission Period Decoration from Sapelo Island, Georgia
    Christopher R. Moore and Richard W. Jefferies

    Swift Creek Vessel Forms and Vessel Assemblages in Northern and Central Georgia
    David J. Hally, Benjamin A. Steere, Emily L. Beahm, Sarah Bergh, Daniel P. Bigman, Carol E. Colaninno-Meeks, Scot Keith, Karen Y. Smith, Frankie Snow, and Keith Stephenson


    Leveraging Research and Management: Archaeological Investigations at the South End Site (9CH155), Ossabaw Island, Georgia
    Brandon Ritchison

    Summary of the 2015 Field Season at Singer-Moye (9SW2)
    Jennifer Birch and Stefan Brannan

    Recent Geophysical and Archaeological Work at Buckhead (9CH150), Ossabaw Island, Georgia
    Matthew Colvin and Jake Lulewicz

    Book Review

    Pox, empire, shackles, and hides: the Townsend site, 1670-1715: Jon Bernard Marcoux
    Emma Mason

    Acorns and Bitter Roots: Starch Grain Research in the Prehistoric Eastern Woodlands: Timothy C. Messner
    Megan D. Parker

  • Early Georgia 44 (1&2)

    Fall 2016
    34 copies available


    A Possible Location for Sixteenth Century Fort Caroline
    Fred C. Cook and Bill Weeks

    A Systematic Survey of the Multi-Component Site 9Mc501 on Sapelo Island, Georgia
    Ethan A. Bean, Christopher R. Moore, and Richard W. Jefferies

    Like Blood From a Stone: Teasing Out Social Difference From Lithic Production Debris at Kolomokie (9Er1)
    Martin Menz

    The Native American and Spanish Mission Period Occupation of Creighton Island's North End Field
    Mary Porter, Victor D. Thompson, Amanda Roberts Thompson, and Chester DePratter

    Busk Sites of the Oconee Valley
    Mark Williams

    Thematic Article

    Seth Paine and the Shoulderbone Mounds in 1972
    Mark Williams and Holly Nash Wolff


    Excavations at the Yahoola High Trestle, a Component of 9LU52 (Hand Ditch), Lumpkin County, Georgia
    William Balco, Margaret Riches, Kadee Spears, and Jessica Stehlin

    Summary of the 2016 Field Season at Singer-Moye (9SW2): Introduction the Singer-Moye Archaeological Settlement History Project (SMASH)
    Stefan Brannan and Jennifer Birch

    Book Reviews

    We Made a Day: History and Archaeology of the Tenancy on the L.E Gay Plantation, Randolph County, Georgia. New South Associates
    Lance Greene

    Archaeology in South Carolina: Exploring the Hidden Heritage of the Palmetto State. Adam King, editor
    Daniel T. Elliott

    Viewing the Future in the Past: Historical Ecology Applications to Environmental Issues. Thomas H. Foster, Lisa M. Paciulli, and David J. Goldstein, editors
    Brandon T. Richison

  • Early Georgia 45 (1&2)

    Fall 2017
    No copies available (SOLD OUT)


    A Seriation-Based Cultural Chronology for Northwest Georgia
    Julie Markin and Vernon James Knight

    Beaver Commensal Lifestyles in Eastern North America
    Mark Williams

    Searching for Oglethorpe:Historical Archaeology as an Inferential Science
    Nick Honerkamp

    Tobacco Pipes and Plantaiton Period Activities at the South End (9CH155) on Ossabaw Island, Georgia
    Amanda D. Roberts Thompson, Brandon T. Ritchison, Emma Cook, and Victor D. Thompson

    Reconcliling Historic Maps with the Archaeological Record on Coastal Plantations: A Cautionary Tale
    Lindsey Cochran and Nick Honerkamp

    "Pend in a Pine Grove":Archaeology of the Confederate POW Campat Blackshear, Georgia
    M. Jared Wood, Lance Greene, and Inger Wood


    Spatial Statistical Analysis of Coastal Plain Paleoindian Site Distributions and Paleoecology:Implications for the Search for Offshore Submerged Sites in Georgia
    Jessica Cook Hale and Ervan G. Garrison

    Summary of the 2017 Field Season at Singer-Moye (9SW2): Introduction the Singer-Moye Archaeological Settlement History Project (SMASH)
    Jennifer Birch and Stefan Brannan

    Archaeology at a Rosenwald School:Interpreting Fairview (9FL153)
    Sarah Love and Emma Mason

    Book Reviews

    Missippian Smoking Ritual in the Southern Appalachian Region. By Dennis R. Blanton
    Tony Boudreaux

    Engines of Diplomacy: Indian Trading Factories and the Negotiation of American Empire by David Andrew Nichols
    Robbie Ethridge

    Native American Landscapes: An Engendered Perspective. Cheryl Claassen, editor
    Kenneth E. Sassaman

    The Worlds the Shawnees Made: Migration and Violence in Early America
    Jeff Washburn

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