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October 4th, 2012

ArchaeoBus Oct 4 CU…in which Abby the ArchaeoBus stars…um…plays a role in a movie!—well, a TV show. Read the full story to learn about the ArchaeoBus’s adventure driving to Camp Lawton, and working there with Time Team America’s crew, which was there shooting a segment about the Civil War camp.

Conservation news near and far

Hereclea Minoa Sicilia theater CUThis Weekly Ponder considers what archaeological resources are, and what it means to conserve them, using two examples. Earlier this month, the Secretary of the Interior awarded a 2011 Partners in Conservation Award to the Camp Lawton Preservation Team, which has been working to investigate and conserve this recently rediscovered Confederate prisoner of war camp that’s near Millen. The second example is the joint effort by The Israel Museum in Jerusalem and Google to put digital images of the Dead Sea Scrolls online; five are now accessible.

Camp Lawton artifact news

Camp Lawton Colby token 2011 CUGeorgia Southern University’s archaeology team has announced more artifacts that have been identified from Camp Lawton. Camp Lawton was a Confederate prisoner of war camp located just outside of Millen. The camp was occupied for only six weeks before evacuations began in the middle of the night on November 26, 1864, as the Union army approached during Sherman’s March to the Sea. “The amount of artifacts and the variety of artifacts we are finding at this site is stunning,” said Georgia Southern archaeology professor and director of the project Dr. Sue Moore. Dr. Moore is a Past President of the Society for Georgia Archaeology. This story considers a trade token found by archaeologists that was issued in 1863 by a grocer-wholesaler in Niles, Michigan.

UGA hosting presentation about Camp Lawton

Snedon 1864 Camp Lawton detail CUThe UGA Student Association for Archaeological Sciences is sponsoring an exciting, free event on Friday, February 18 at 6:00 pm in the UGA Zell Miller Learning Center, Room 171, on the UGA campus in Athens. Archaeologist Dr. Sue Moore, Georgia Southern University, will discuss “Sacred Ground: Archeology at Camp Lawton,” emphasizing recent investigations and new findings at Camp Lawton, a relatively unknown and recently re-discovered Confederate prison camp that operated in 1864 near Millen.

Camp Lawton in the news

CampLawton_GPR_CU.jpgEven the national news recently picked up on the story about Camp Lawton, where investigations, including a ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey, have revealed the exact location of this Civil War/War Between the States prisoner of war camp that was established in 1864.

Georgia Southern University begins archaeological investigations at Magnolia Springs State Park

Archaeological investigations are underway at Camp Lawton in Magnolia Springs State Park near Millen. Ground penetrating radar conducted in December 2009 by the Lamar Institute revealed a possible location for the southwest corner of the prison stockade. Georgia Southern University has begun archaeology to “ground truth” the results of the GPR survey. The public will be invited to view the progress of the excavations at the Park on specific Saturdays each month.

GDOT Archaeology Unit busy

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Archaeology Unit at the Office of Environment/Location is an integral part of the GDOT mission statement that promises a “safe, seamless and sustainable transportation system that supports Georgia’s economy and is sensitive to its citizens and environment.” The responsibilities of the GDOT Archaeology Unit within the mission are two-fold. […]