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Remember SGA in year-end giving

As the end of 2012 approaches, the SGA Officers and Board Members encourage and invite you to support the SGA through a financial contribution to the SGA’s Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is used to support educational outreach and the preservation of archaeological sites. You can now contribute online; no deductions are made by the vendor who handles the transaction and 100% of your donation comes to the SGA. Click the NEW online donation link here to donate NOW. Regardless of how you contribute, the Society for Georgia Archaeology is grateful for any financial contributions.

Today is “Georgia Gives Day”

Governor Nathan Deal has officially declared today (12/6/2012) as “Georgia Gives Day,” reflecting an initiative created by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits to highlight the work of non-profit organizations and encourage philanthropic giving. In the spirit of this day, consider donating to the Society for Georgia Archaeology’s Endowment fund. You can do so via SGA’s online portal by clicking here.

Support the SGA’s endeavors: Support the Endowment Fund

Did you miss the Audacious Archaeology Auction last year? Guess what—it is not too late to contribute to the endowment of SGA! A challenge grant opportunity has been issued by the Coosawattee Foundation—the Foundation will match up to $250.00 any donation received by December 31, 2012, in support of the Endowment Fund. Please send your donation to the Society for Georgia Archaeology, PO Box 693, Athens, GA 30603. (We hope to implement on-line donations soon.) For all stories on the SGA’s Endowment Fund, click here.

Second donation gratefully received from Lacy Foundation

For the second year in a row, The Lacy Foundation has donated to the SGA’s Endowment Fund. The SGA appreciates this very much. These funds will help support the initiatives of the SGA. You, too, can help by donating to the SGA. Look for a means for doing this online, coming soon! We greatly appreciate your continued support!

The SGA’s Endowment Fund wants you!

As you consider your charitable gifts for the 2011 tax year, the SGA asks that you add the Society’s Endowment Fund to your list. The Fund supports educational outreach and the preservation of archaeological sites. The SGA is a registered non-profit organization. If you have already donated to the SGA for 2011, the Society thanks you.

Fall 2011 SGA meeting, auction, and festivities

2011 Fall auction terrapin CUPresident Catherine Long details the 2011 Fall Meeting, in Athens. Members and guests of the SGA enjoyed papers in the morning and afternoon of Saturday, 22 October, with the sessions split by a brief Business Meeting and a lunch break. The group reconvened in the evening at the Terrapin Brewery for silent and live fund-raising auctions. Over $1400 was raised for the SGA’s Endowment Fund, after expenses.

Coosawattee Foundation issues challenge grant for SGA’s Endowment Fund

sga_logo_cuStep right up and contribute to the SGA’s Endowment Fund, and help the SGA twice! One way is your check; the second way is that the Coosawattee Foundation has issued a challenge grant—the Foundation will match up to $250.00 any donation received by December 31 in support of the Endowment Fund. Contributions made to SGA, a non-profit organization, help support education initiatives throughout Georgia and protect archaeological sites.

A gift that keeps giving

During this holiday season, consider honoring a special someone with a contribution in their name to the Endowment Fund of the Society for Georgia Archaeology. Give a remarkable gift that touches generations to come and preserves your archaeological legacy in Georgia. We hope you also think of the Endowment in your end-of-the-year giving.

SGA Endowment Fund contributors

Endowment Fund Committee Chairperson Rita Elliott has compiled a list of all contributors to the Society’s Endowment Fund from 2001 to May 2010. The Endowment Fund provides the Society with a constant and steady financial base. Contributions are tax-deductable as allowed by law. Make your 2010 donation now!

Fall-Winter 2009 issue of The Profile downloadable

profilecuDownload number 143, the Fall-Winter 2009 issue of The Profile, the newsletter of the Society for Georgia Archaeology, by going to the full story.

The Perfect Gift

sga_logo_cuLong-time SGA supporter Rita Elliott discusses the perfect gift: a donation to the SGA’s endowment fund! (Psst, and it’s tax deductible!)

In difficult economic times, we thank you

In economic times such as we are experiencing today, it may be difficult to contribute to your favorite worthy non-profit. We understand and we appreciate past and current donors. These most recently have included: Stan McAfee (in honor of Corley Thomas), The Bulloch Hall Archaeological Society (in memory of Fred Scheidler), Charlotte “Sammy” Smith and […]

The busy Christmas shopper

During the holiday rush, here is a poem, as you consider the benefits of giving a contribution to the SGA Endowment Fund as a holiday gift. Such a gift is a wonderful way to recognize the business associates, colleagues, friends, and family in your life and is a great way to support public archaeological outreach. […]

The Endowment, an unexpected opportunity for insight

Working on the Society for Georgia Archaeology’s Endowment Fund has been an insightful learning experience. Most recently, it has been both a somber and uplifting one. As many of you know, Mr. Fred Scheidler, a devout SGA member, recently passed away. Our condolences go to his wife, Carol; son, David; and all his family, friends, […]

Obituary: Fred Scheidler (1947-2008)

Fred, doing what he loved. Georgia archaeology lost an enthusiastic advocate upon the premature death of Fred Scheidler on July 15th. Fred resided in Marietta and in recent years had become a constant and welcome participant at a host of archaeological gatherings in and around Atlanta. Archaeology was a lifelong interest of Fred’s, having become […]

In honor and in honorariums

Recently my husband, Dan, and I learned of the deaths of two friends. Both had been clergy and both were connected to the coastal colonial site of the Salzburgers, some of Georgia’s first European settlers. One friend was young and one was not. One recently died and one passed away several months before we learned […]

SGA Endowment Fund surpasses $20,000!

As 2008 rolled in, so did a number of important contributions to The Society for Georgia Archaeology’s Endowment Fund. January, alone, brought $700 worth of donations to the fund. These much-appreciated contributions continue to add to the fund’s principal, which is kept in perpetuity, generating interest. This interest provides funding for archaeology public outreach, research, […]

Endowment Fund supports first project!

Ever wonder what happens to all those wonderful Endowment contributions to the Society for Georgia (SGA) Archaeology Endowment Fund? The contributions generate interest that is used to fund archaeology research and public education projects. The SGA Board recently approved the use of the 2006 interest for its first Endowment project. These funds will provide assistance […]


Whatever you do, please do not send any money to the SGA Endowment this month. The Swiss Bank account is full and our U.S. accountants are working double shifts to process the checks, cash, and stock options that have been rolling in. Okay, so maybe this is hyperbole. But wouldn’t it be nice if this […]

With much thanks

As we wind up 2005, we send a hearty THANK YOU to our dedicated supporters this year; those individuals who have contributed financially to The Society for Georgia Archaeology’s Endowment Fund. These individuals include Lucy Banks; Marjorie Gay; Terry Hynes, in honor of Dr. Alfred Messer; and Mary Beth Reed, Jim D’Angelo, Betsy and Michael […]

A message from Winston Churchill

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.—Winston Churchill The Society for Georgia Archaeology welcomes your contribution to its growing Endowment Fund. We thank all contributors to date, including our 2005 donors. These most recently include Terry Hynes and Lucy Banks. We have reached $15,394.75 of our […]

How to disperse a mob and other endowment lessons

Police Commissioner: “If you were ordered to disperse a mob, what would you do?” Applicant: Pass around the hat, sir.” Police Commissioner: “That’ll do; you’re hired.” The mob has dispersed and The Society for Georgia Archaeology Endowment Fund is in need of contributors. A substantial beginning has been made and the new total is $15,235; […]