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NWGAS chapter meeting November 11 at Etowah Mounds Museum

Etowah_md_in_winter_CUThe Northwest Georgia Archaeology Society is holding their chapter meeting meeting at the Etowah Indian Mounds Museum, Thursday, November 11, 2010, at 7pm. Presentation by Tommy Hudson entitled Prehistoric Stone Constructions in Georgia: An Overview. Tommy is a local researcher and founding member of the Eastern States Rock Art Research Association.

Of pipelines and rock pile excavations

In 2008, TRC’s Atlanta office has been working on a stream of large pipeline projects across the Southeast and into the Great Plains, continuing with the kind of projects that kept us busy in 2007. In addition to survey and testing for the various pipelines, TRC has carried out a number of other out-of-state projects […]

GARS explores rock piles, Fort Daniel, mystery artifacts

Tom Gresham talking about rock pile sites at the February GARS meeting. The Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society has moved their monthly meeting date to the first Wednesday of the month, but is still meeting 7:30 to 9:00 PM in the Gwinnett County Justice and Administration Building, 75 Langley Road, Lawrenceville. In February we had a […]

Excavation and dating of a stone pile, Walker County, northwestern Georgia

Introduction The current owner of a 700-acre ranch on Pigeon Mountain, Walker County, bought the property in 1948 from a Euro- American family that owned it since the late 1830s. This family had a tradition that there were already stone piles on the land when their ancestors first took possession of it. Taken at face […]

Rock piling in Georgia

The 1990 issue of Early Georgia (volume 18) featured Thomas H. Gresham’s article “Historic Patterns of Rock Piling and the Rock Pile Problems.” In the introduction, Mr. Gresham notes: Rock piles, a term that can be broadly applied to a wide array of prehistoric and historic features, have long been of interest to the archaeologist […]