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Poster Brigade Attacks 2017 Archaeology Poster Mountain

How does the Georgia Archaeology Month poster and education packet make it to the doorsteps of thousands of schools, libraries, and individuals across Georgia and other states? Only through the hard work of the Poster Brigade of The Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA). This year’s brigade consisted of six hard-working, take-no-prisoners, roll-all-posters, stick-all-labels individuals including: Rhianna […]

Website continues to be a success

The SGA uses this website to inform its members about activities of the Society and to provide information about archaeology in Georgia to members and the interested public. In 2102, the website received just over 50,000 visits and just over 101,000 pageviews by over 42,000 unique visitors. That averages to 116 unique visitors every day, making this outreach effort quite successful. This website, like all SGA’s outreach endeavors, are supported by volunteers. Get your story idea ready to email to our new online editor, Ben Steere. Join the SGA! Make a donation to support the SGA!

Dig into this website

Make like an archaeologist and dig around in this website—and see what you can find! For help digging, click here. For diverse stories, check the Weekly Ponders. Read the full story for more ideas….

Annual website statistics: 2009–2011

How much attention has thesga.org, the website of the Society for Georgia Archaeology, received over the period 2009–2011? Read the full story and learn about the success of the SGA’s website. The SGA’s mission “is to unite all persons interested in the archaeology of Georgia and to work actively to preserve, study and interpret Georgia’s historic and prehistoric remains,” and this website aids the Society in reaching its goals.

Contents of Early Georgia now listed online

Researchers and the curious can now peruse the titles and authors of all articles published in Early Georgia since SGA began publishing the journal in 1950. The page with the listing is here.

2011: January and February observations on thesga.org

The SGA’s website continues to be popular in the opening months of 2011. In the full story, we examine statistics for average daily pageviews and unique visitor counts. We also look at “visitor loyalty,” which assesses how many times a single visitor (which actually may be multiple people, such are the complexities of internet head-counts!) visits our website over a given period. We see increases in visitor loyalty from January to February 2011.

Introduction: The Profile’s new editor

I, Kelly Woodard, would like to introduce myself as the incoming editor for The Profile newsletter and website. As a recent graduate of Georgia State University, I am excited to be an active member of the Georgia archaeological community, especially the Society for Georgia Archaeology. Please consider sending me a story of interest to our members for posting on this website!

Website usage update: September, October “bump”

website_most_frequent_pageviews_by_month_through_2010_Oct_CU.jpgGood news! The SGA website’s numbers are up! We are now averaging a new story at least every other day each month, and almost five thousand unique visitors each month! Also, we’re averaging just under four hundred average daily pageviews! That’s nearly four hundred! Per day! So, SGA members—you can contribute to these numbers! Get your contribution to the website ready now! And, tell a friend about our website!

Searching the SGA’s website

SGA_website_search_box_CU.jpgWe hope you’ve noticed the little search box below the tag cloud on the green navigation bar along the right side of your screen. Using this search box, you can find specific words or phrases in stories on our website. In addition, careful use of quote marks and exclusion searches makes the searching we offer quite powerful!

Website usage based on pageviews

Did you know this website hosts, on average, around three hundred pageviews per day? Did you know that visitors to our website have come from over 100 countries so far in 2010? Did you know that over eight percent of our visitors visit, on average, multiple times each month? Check out the full story for data on how our website’s use has grown since it was revamped in early 2009.

Metrics on this website’s “size”

How “big” is this website? How has it “grown” over the last year? We could measure it in megabytes, but a simple page count makes more sense. Our page count statistics show steady growth, and thesga.org now can proudly boast some 630 pages (or “stories”)!

What’s new? thesga.org RSS feed!

RSS_icon_100.jpgWhat’s the best way to find out what’s new at websites you visit regularly? Many savvy users employ a web technology called RSS that allows them to subscribe to a feed—a listing of the stories that have been added to a website, often in excerpt form. RSS is now set up on this website’s home page! Set up your thesga.org RSS feed now! Read on for details….

Blog reviews thesga.org

In early February, 2010, the SGA’s website received a strongly positive review on a blog, Archaeology, Museums and Public Outreach. Outreach is difficult, and we’re happy to hear people find our website useful and informative.

Weekly Ponder: One year and counting

This story marks the first year of Weekly Ponder posts! Yes, it’s been a full year of 5am Friday postings of thought-provoking articles to this website. Indeed, the very first Weekly Ponder was posted on 26 January 2009.

The Future of The Profile

profilecuIn the full story, The Profile Editor Larissa Thomas discusses publication issues, and notifies the membership that she is stepping down as editor, and asks for a volunteer to take over this important position.

Explore thesga.org’s new tag cloud

Since our initial implementation of the revamped website early this year, we’ve continued to add stories and make sure the new material can be found. We continue to work toward making our Society’s website useful and informative to students, educators, researchers, and those with an interest in our human past. Now that there’s substantial material […]

First issue of the new all-electronic Profile is in production!

profilecuLarissa Thomas, editor of The Profile, is working on the newest issue, which will appear here, on this website, when finished.

The Profile goes electronic

As your editor, it is my pleasure to announce that starting with the next issue, The Profile will be published exclusively in electronic format. The SGA Board made this decision at its recent retreat in an effort to cut costs. For you, the reader, the benefit will be having a full-color publication with no page […]

SGA ups its online profile!

The SGA’s website committee—that is: Michael Shirk, Kevin Kiernan, and Sammy Smith—has been hard at work developing a new website for the Society. Actually, the three of us have been working on content and ideas for the structure of the site. Most of the technological heavy lifting has been done for the SGA on a […]

Online news archive…

sga_logo_cuThe complete archive of online news on various topics in archaeology is here, listed in reverse order of publication on this website. If, instead, you are interested in an archive of notices about the business of the Society (e.g., preparations for meetings), click here.