Why membership in SGA?

If you don’t know already, membership in the Society for Georgia Archaeology is an outstanding value! For a basic individual membership fee of $25 (other categories are available, see below or membership form), you can be engaged in archaeology in Georgia on multiple levels—local, regional, and statewide.

At meetings and other activities, you can join amateurs and professionals to attend lectures, fieldwork, meetings, and other events focused on promoting the preservation of archaeological sites, the study of archaeological data, and the education of the general public about archaeological issues.

Join or Renew Online

A small processing fee will be added to your online dues payment. We also accept applications and dues payment via traditional snail-mail (see below). Joining online or at one of our annual meetings will save SGA money in processing transactions. THANK YOU!

As an SGA member, you’ll receive:

  • Early Georgia, a research journal published twice a year containing articles about Georgia archaeology and excavations.
  • The Profile, a quarterly newsletter released via our website that keeps you up-to-date on archaeology in Georgia.
  • Invitations to participate in SGA’s annual Spring and Fall meetings, held at rotating locations across Georgia, offering archaeological tours, keynote speakers and banquets, Native American technology demonstrations, historic craft demonstrations, lectures and workshops.
  • Information concerning Georgia’s annual Archaeology Month, including activities across the state, posters, and educational packets.
  • Use of SGA’s extensive library of videos on archaeological subjects.
  • Opportunities to participate in local activities with one of the many SGA chapters that meet across the state.

Membership levels and dues

Please remember that SGA membership runs January to December. Even if you join late in the year, you will receive the entire volume of Early Georgia published that year.
  • Individual $25: regular membership for an individual
  • Family $30: regular membership for 2 individuals in a family unit
  • Student $15: membership for a currently enrolled student; please send copy of ID with payment
  • Institutional $75: membership for libraries, universities, or organizations
  • Chapter $25: SGA chapters receive one regular membership with benefits. Note that Chapter members who also become SGA members receive a $5 discount on SGA membership dues in their chosen category

Membership updates

Also, please contact the SGA Secretary to update any information or address any membership concerns. You can always reach the current SGA Secretary via this SGA address, P.O. Box 693, Athens, GA 30603, or via email by clicking here.

Click here to download the simple-to-complete SGA membership application.

Click here to access a printable, one-page version of the information on this webpage.

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