—photo by John Trussel

John Trussell and Stephen Hammack visited two small caves along the Houston-Macon County line in August 2006 to look for petroglyphs. Only the Houston cave was large enough to crawl into, though John (2007 OAS Treasurer) put on his thinking cap and opted to take pictures. John’s photo of Stephen emerging from the cave in an uncomfortable position is quite humorous. We found no petroglyphs, but did see graffiti outside the cave that may date to the nineteenth or early twentieth centuries. Despite local legend, no underground passageway to Montezuma was discovered. More research is needed before recording the cave as an archaeological site.

—photo by Stephen Hammack

John Whatley, left, of the SGA’s Augusta Chapter, expounds on Georgia lithics to David Mincey (middle; 2007 OAS President) and John Trussell (right) during a brief lull at the Ocmulgee Archaeological Society’s Artifact ID Day in Thomaston in December 2006. This event was held jointly with the Upson County Historical Society at the Archives building in downtown Thomaston and attracted scores of people from all over the county who brought many, many artifacts.

—photo by Stephen Hammack

SGA members and the general public gather for the Ocmulgee Archaeological Society’s Artifact ID Day in Vienna (Dooly County) in December 2006. This event was held in conjunction with the Vienna Historic Preservation Society on the town square in downtown Vienna, and was also very successful.

Posted online on Friday, December 1st, 2006

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