The ArchaeoBus is Georgia’s Mobile Archaeology Classroom! The contact for the ArchaeoBus is now Jenna Pirtle; click here to contact the Archaeobus staff and bring Abby to your future event!

The ArchaeoBus is a travelling emissary for the Society for Georgia Archaeology, bringing dynamic educational programs to students and people around the state. When the ArchaeoBus visits your school or location, visitors can tour displays in the bus and participate in programs and workshops the SGA offers.

The ArchaeoBus is equipped for formal presentations, led by archaeologists. We have presentations that last about 45 minutes, to accomodate most class schedules. We also have longer programs. All have exciting visuals. Examples include:

—school programs
—scout programs
—teacher workshops
—library programs

The ArchaeoBus also offers informal programs, without scheduled presentations. Visitors arrive at their own pace and can participate in both group and self-directed activities. These include touring the Bus, working on puzzles, and myriad other diversions.

The SGA sees the ArchaeoBus as a major tool in our educational outreach and research projects. The ArchaeoBus also helps us reach our Society’s mission, which is to unite all persons interested in the archaeology of Georgia, and to work actively to preserve, study, and interpret Georgia’s human past.

Posted online on Monday, March 6th, 2017

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